How Does A Wife Become Nude On The First Night Of Marriage?


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It's normal to feel nervous about the first time you have sex with your wife, as this is a new experience for both of you.

My advice would be to not think too much about small details like 'how is she going to take off her clothes?'.

Just try and make the atmosphere as relaxed and fun as possible, and I'm sure you'll be able to enjoy your first night!

Getting naked with my wife on the first night
Sex is a completely natural thing, so when you're alone in your honeymoon suite, I'd suggest just letting your natural instincts take over.

Don't focus too much on how you're going to get undressed or what position you're going to have sex in - just do what feels natural at the time.

Start by simply laying down on the bed (you can even be fully-clothed) and kiss your wife. Explore her body with your hands, and whisper nice things in her ear.

If you treat her this way, I can guarantee she'll forget all about the pressure and expectations - and you'll both be able to reach other physically.

How to undress on the first night If you or your wife feel really awkward or anxious, why not try making a game out of the whole thing to release the tension?

Take off a single item of clothing, and then ask your wife to do the same. Take turns repeating this (you could even help each other undress) until you are both naked.

If you're really self-conscious, you may find it easier to undress with the bed covers over you. You may even want to have the lights off as well.

Just do whatever makes you both feel comfortable, and remember - you have the rest of your married life to practice anyway!

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This reminds me of a true story my ex mother-in-law told me. She was shy and went into the bathroom, and when she came out, her husband was wearing nothing but a hat!

It will come naturally. At least my ex mother-in-law got a wonderful laugh, and I am sure it relaxed the mood!
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You just take off your clothes. It's not rocket science.

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