How Do I Make My Wife Dance Nude?


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You shouldn’t “make” your wife dance nude.

If you’d like your wife to give you an erotic dance, why don’t you suggest it to her? Ask her nicely, though. Try this:

  • Tell her that you love her body and would really like to see her dance for you.
  • Let her know that she can stop when she wants, and that it doesn’t have to be a regular thing if she doesn’t enjoy it.
  • Offer a trade, but keep it related to sex – you can’t tell her that you’ll fix the plumbing if she dances naked for you, because that’s not very fair. Offer to give her a sensual massage or something. Let her choose!
  • Tell her that she can choose the music, and that she doesn’t have to dance for long.
  • Your wife might feel self-conscious about dancing completely naked, so tell her she can wear sexy underwear if she’d prefer.
If your wife doesn’t seem very keen on the idea, don’t push it. She might feel really self-conscious, and that would stop her enjoying the dancing and the sex.

You mustn’t make your wife feel pressured, or she’ll start avoiding sex altogether so that she doesn’t have to dance naked. Ultimately, it's her choice whether she dances for you or not.
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Well, if your wife is comfortable with that, and does not feel forced or betrayed then you can. Otherwise I think it will really make a girl fall into a feeling of insecurity and silent depression.

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