How Do I Ask My Girl Friend To Send Me A Nude Pic Of Herself Friend Wants To Know>?


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If you do not know her well enough to ask the question then I suggest you do not ask. You might have a very angry ex girl friend.
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Why is your friend wanting you to ask your GF for a nude photo? This guy is not a friend, he is a low life guy who want you to take advantage of your GF so he can see her in the nude. If you care one bit for her, you will tell him that you have no intention of betraying your GF is such a manner. You should be offended that he would think you are such a low life BF. A nude photo is not something that you share with other people. If your GF gives you a nude photo, it is a sign that she trusts you enough to keep her confidence. Do not pressure her to do this. And for Pete sakes, if she does, it is not for public viewing!!
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You have to ask her if she feels comfortable or not or if she trusts you earn her trust then ask her how she would feel about sending adult/ nude pictures and so on try not to nag her every day or so because shell think your obsessed

good luck
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Why does your "friend" want to know? And why are you okay with your "friend" wanting to know? Anyway, don't even ask, you shallow creep.
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Well my bf wants me to send him pics nude and I'm 13 I worry like what if he sends it to someone it's hard to trust well for me it is
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Haha you guys are idiots! Its not his "friend" that wants to know! He just doesnt wana sound like a perv
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You may be correct, but it is not for us here to say that he is lying. In order to answer fully and to the best of our knowledge, we must "assume" that the facts given in a question are not full of lies.
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Huh?? That's definitly NOT a true friend! And very embarrising! How would you like it if someone asked you that?? Oh my gosh that's weird! If you ask me? Don't ask her.
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Those who say there's no reason have obviously never been in a long distance relationship. That being said, they still should not be given out lightly but sending them is not an evil, horrible thing. If you have a good and just reason, ask her and she might understand and agree. If not, don't bug.
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Why are you on here askinf for are the man. The problem with guys these days is that they are insecure...grow a pare and stop asking for advice and jus ask her. Tell her that she is beautiful and complement her and than be like send me a good good pic and she will most likely be like of what..than say your boobs, and if she says no than drop her ass, and get you one that will send you one haha na but jus go with the flow and everything will workout man!
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Depends on how old you and your gf are, and how long you've been dating. If you want nude pics of your gf go with the tried and true method of asking her for them. If she won't your sol. Good luck to you
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That's disrespectful. You probably only want a nude pic of her to show it off to your friends. You shouldn't want a nasty picture since you can have it in person. If she sends it then that's on her but it all depends on what type of girl she is. If you think she will get upset bc of the question then don't ask her if not just come out and say it.
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Depends on your age, although honestly, you shouldn't even be asking to see her nude.  What's the difference if her body's hot or not?  That's what I HATE about guys... All they want is sex, nothing to do with personality, etc...
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No matter the age, noone should be sending anyone any nude pictures. Pictures get sent through text or my email.. And then it gets leaked all through the internet. That girl is going to have one hell of shock if that happens. I agree with the person who answered the question before me.. I don't get why guys always want and need sex all the time. You don't ever care about anything else. What is the big deal?
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I'm a guy. And the only reason a guy ever wants dirty pictures is so that he has something to show off to his friends. If looking at you naked was all he was after then why can't he do that in person; when you two are together. Don't sext

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