Do friends with benefits relationships usually work out? And is it strange that me (I'm a straight girl) and my best guy friend send nudes to each other and yet remain just friends?


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It can work, so long as you are both clear about what you want from each other, both to each other and yourselves. I've met many girls who lied to themselves, telling themselves that they don't want the hassle of a proper relationship with the guy they are 'friends' with. Deep inside, however, they were hoping that at some point, this guy will fall in love with them. Guys can fall in love after a 'friends with benefits' situation, but lots don't. In a lot of cases, they fall in love......with another girl! And then you're sat there heartbroken. You can't even accuse the guy of cheating, as you were never in a relationship with them!

Be honest with yourself; if you genuinely don't want a boyfriend but just like the idea of benefits, then be clear to him that you don't want a relationship. Perhaps even date other guys as well so he understands he is not your boyfriend (you don't want him falling in love with you, after all!) But if deep down you have feelings for this guy, then you are playing with fire by having a friends with benefits relationship with him. The more time you spend with him, the more you will fall in love. And what if he doesn't love you back? I don't want you to get hurt, so if this is the case, cool it with him, have some space and go back to being just friends (and no more nude pictures!) You never know, after some space, he may realise that actually you are worth more than a friends with benefits relationship, that you are actually good enough to be his proper girlfriend. And if he doesn't? You've saved yourself heartache in the future. Good luck!

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