What Qualities Make A Good Girlfriend?


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What makes a good girlfriend will really depend on who you ask. Different men will look for different things in a woman based on their own personalities, needs and desires. Bearing this in mind, the following is a list of things that most men would probably include in the recipe for making their ideal woman:

What makes a good girlfriend?
  • Being positive and energetic is a big turn-on for most guys. No-one wants to be with a woman who spends her time moping about the house, so show your man that you've got a buzz and energy about you and this will help to create an electric relationship.
  • Using your seductive charms to their most will help you achieve super-girlfriend status. Guys like to show off their partner, so making an effort to dress up and look good will always be appreciated. In public, I'd recommend a sexy but classy look. At home you don't need to be dressed to the nines and ready for inspection, but keeping your looks flirty and fun is a great idea
  • Look after your man. It may sound slightly Freudian, but men love to be 'mothered'. This doesn't mean you have to cook and cater for his every need, but making sure that he is fed and happy is a sure way to his heart.
  • Spend time with him. It may sound obvious, but spending time doing something your boyfriend is interested in will always work in your favour. Guys often complain about how their social life is hindered by what their partner wants to do, so why not take the opposite approach and show him that there's lots of stuff you can both enjoy together. This doesn't mean you should force yourself to sit through a football game just to please him - to be effective it's got to be genuine.
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What is it that your boyfriend doesn't like? Find those things and stop them.
Don't feel superior in his presence rather make him feel your present position is as a result of his love and effort.

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Basically see your qualities and if there's anything bad about one of them change it it's working for me but see whether the girl/ boy has anything in common with you 

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A good girl friend has a caring, loving, love only for her boyfriend.
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A good girlfriend is some one that can cater to another person's emotional and physical needs.

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