What Qualities Can Make A Woman A Good Wife?


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Husband and wife relationships are based on love and trust. For a wife to be a good wife, there should be some qualities if she really wants to win her husband's heart.
A woman can be a good wife if she knows how to love and care for a person. Every heart can be won by love and care. A good wife should be very careful and loving to her husband.
Always share the problems of the husband but don't try to create problems for him.
Try to make her happy .Always give importance to what he is saying to you.
Always like what he likes and dislike what he dislike.
Try to build a relation of trust and believe. Do not ever try to break his trust.
If he is suffer from any problem try to make him relax. Don't ever shout on him. Don't ask for more and more money for him. Don't fight on little misunderstandings. Always ignore the little things.
If you are any problem with him then discuss with him and try to sort out happily.
These tips will be helpful to make you a good wife.
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You can always look to the Bible for answers!!
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I agree, but my husband thinks that I like his brother in law. This man i'm accused of is a wanna be pimp and don't work. This guy is not my type yes we do joke sometimes However my husband fells that I married him just to mess with his in law. We have been married for six months. Is my husband crazy. He is fifteen years older than me. He needs to know I will leave him.
Am I wrong I don't go anywhere I STAY HOME ALL THE TIME.
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Look always the positive side of your husband and  not the negative sides..
Someone said that..
" A great marriage is not when the "perfect couple" comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences"

" there's a purpose in your being, instead of complaining.. Start looking for somebody who needs what God has given you"
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She should be straight  in dealing with her husband.
She should keep friends known to her husband.
She should not take her husband simplicity for granted.
She should be responsible enough not to release her mobile number any how.
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Accept Jesus as your Lord and savior. Make God First in your life , your husband second and then Church. Hopefully he is a Christian or will become one. To know God is to know true Love. God tells us to submit to our husbands that doesn't mean just in a sexual way, he is to be the spiritual leader of the household. The Bible also tells us that husband are to Love there wives, this means to consider there wives feelings and opinions when making decisions. Not just be the boss of the house. You can read this info for yourself in Gods word in Ephesians 5: 21-25. There is more stuff in 1 Corinthians starting in chapter 7. Hope this helps and God Bless You!
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Being a good wife has nothing to do with the God, the bible, or any of that crap. People should always put and love themselves before anyone!!!!
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A good wife should be creative and hardworking instead of sitting and waiting for the husband to bring everything at home. She should be her children's role model.
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To become good, one has to go through many sacrifices and hardships. The word good sounds well to anybody's ears but it demands a great deal of hardships and troubles physically and mentally. As far your question that what qualities can make a woman a good wife can be justified with this answer.
First of all a woman should have cooperative and submissive nature. She should always be ready and prepared to cooperate with her husband, children and elders of her house. This quality of hers will make her popular among her family members and they will love her. She should be active enough to fulfil the responsibilities of her house in a nice manner because if her house will run in a proper and decent manner, again she will be loved and liked by everyone especially by her husband. She should be a good cook and she should be careful in choosing dishes of every one's liking. She should be careful in dressing herself properly and keeping the house neat and clean always. This will last a good impression on her family members as well as outsiders. These qualities no doubt make a woman a good wife.
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Be yourself! If you try to conform to what you think he expects you will only make yourself miserable and eventually end up resenting him for it. One person loves another based on that person's uniqueness. If you're already married, or in a relationship, ask him/her why they are so drawn to you, then build on those qualities.
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Be yourself and if he does not like you then tell him to get off the boat, I know I seem angry but I am far from it. I am  married  to my one and only husband for 22 years and we have six kids together and the reason we stayed with each other is because our imperfections matched, don't take a pair of scissors to a jigsaw. You either match or don't.

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