How Do You Convince Your Wife To Not Divorce You?


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Well It can be done, Only one way is trough God.Its more than pray to God its a change that need to happen with in you It does not matter what happen there is nothing that God can't forgive.God is able to change soften heart and it God desired to for your marriage to work.If you pray you must pray with a sincere heart with right motive and expected to happen.if God who the creator of every thing in earth in heaven and he accomplish all those miracles he can also change our hearts when the love of God come in our hearts it will forgive anything because if we don't forgive each other why should he forgive us our sins. People God gives the true happiness, joy that even money can't give me. Your wives/husbands be so in love with you if you truly Give your all to God. Make sure you come back and tell every one how God has save your marriage and restore you life. REMEMBER THERE IS NO SIN THAT GOD CAN'T FORGIVE
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I think you need to tell someone why she wants a divorce and then maybe someone can help you with making her change her mind.
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That may be part of the problem. The way you state the question seems as though you want to control the situation and her. I have been through divorce and the one thing it truly taught me is that the only person I can control is myself. It very well may be that she has realized that you will continue to want the controlling factor and she knows that it will not work. In any relationship, it takes more than just the willingness or want to make it work.

Of course, I am basing my opinion on a short question and may be totally off base but basing it on my own personal experience. Best of luck!
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You know what listen to your heart and realize that marriage is a huge commitment, me and my husband are giving it second chance after being 1500 miles apart for 3 years, talk to her and try to make the changes to make it work, don't give up like everyone might be telling you to, marriage is bigger than 2 people it is a family and it is a union under GOD.
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Well, if her mind is already made up then that ordeal may be hard to try to convince. Is she divorcing you because of something you've done? If so, then apparently she feels hurt and betrayed and divorcing you is the only answer. Or is she divorcing you because she doesn't feel that connection with you anymore. If that is so, then something like that I believe can be re-built. A marriage in itself can be re-built. But it depends entirely on what was the cause of it going astray.

For example: Trust cannot be re-built because once you've done something for her to distrust you then it's almost impossible to gain back! Whatever her reasons are for divorcing you, you need to talk that out with her and try to come to a conclusion and try to save your marriage. If her mind is already made up and you still want her as your wife, then it is up to you to make it happen! Good luck!
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Well you can try to rekindle what ever she feels you two lost. If I was a man I would change. I would show her how much I desire her by flirting. I would make little gestures like tapping her on the butt when she least expects it. I would be lustful and playful but serious. It is not all about sex but intimacy. I would take her out on dates and make crazy love to her and tell her how much I love her and how good she makes me feel. But most of all I would communicate with her to let her know that I love her and that she is the only women, friend and lover I desire in my world and that it would be crushed without my partner. I would hold her and inform her of how serious my vows are and that if I screwed up in any way I am sorry from the bottom of my heart and soul. I cannot live without you because to do so God may as well take my breath because that is what it would be like taking the life from me.
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First of all, I totally sympathize with you. Secondly, I sympathize with you more since you had to resort to the internet to find an answer to this question. But, since you have, I would like to give a little advice. Warning: My advice might not come in handy and you still might end up getting divorced as I do not know your wife neither the reasons why she wants a divorce.

You can start by being extra nice to her. So, at least if she sees a change in you, she might want to reconsider. You can both go for marriage counselling for some damage control. Talk to her and ask her where you went wrong and if you can revive your marriage. Tell her you love her and would like to give your marriage a second chance. If you have children, ask them to talk to their mom as she will not be able to turn down the children. Be a romantic, ask her out for a holiday to an island or a deserted retreat and re-invent your relationship. All the best with you endeavours to save your marriage.
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If I were you, I'd move on.....your wife left you 4 years ago and now wants a divorce? It's clear that she's moving on and probably met someone else.  You will always have feelings for your wife but when two people aren't compatible anymore, they shouldn't be forced to be together.  You have a long life ahead of you so why don't you try and meet someone else. Its hard for you to accept someone new now but give yourself some time.  If you can't be husband and wife, you can at least be friends.  You have wasted away 4 years waiting and I don't think she deserves you to begin and meeting someone else new will bring your life back again.  Life has so much more to offer than just love/relationship.
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Been there last nov 07. Second divorce yes I waited for 1 1/2 years try to make it work got with him new years and by feb08 he was cheated again so yes we aren't friends. Waiting 4yrs. Long time you must really love her. She sounds like she wants her freedom and you will be sad but let her go for now maybe shell come back but don't put your life on hold there are a lot of nice women looking for a good man. Good luck
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You cannot please everyone, if your wife really wants to file a divorce, the best for you to do is accept the fact. Relationship is run and build with love of two people. Before your situation get worse I suggest you to ask a divorce lawyer.

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