How Do I Let My Guard Down?


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When people have hurt us it sometimes takes time to trust. Even when the person we love isn't the one who hurt us. Trust is the basis of all relationships and is very important. You want him to know that you trust him. Does he know about you ex and how he hurt you? Maybe this will cause a dialogue between you that will get you on the right track. I'm really glad that you've found a great guy who love you. Don't be afraid to love him completely. I know it may take time.
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Not all guys are the same. Maybe you should think about whether you want to take the risk with this guy or not. It will all depend on your heart. Try forgetting your past relationship, and start with a clean one. Good luck.
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Just be you if you feel sceard get your guard baack up and try again in the next week or so and when you are happy leave it like that
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Hurt is the thing that born with us when baby get out from  mams uterus the first thing all family wait for it the life scream is the first thing the baby does is screaming and crying if he didn't do that the doctor will hit him to scream and cry what I need to say that don't be afraid from hurt because it live with us and never die but you can use your mind to decide the thing and then do it whatever the complicates will be just feel the life with every day  when we cry we fell the greatest of happiness when we be happy we try to stay away from the sadness but life it will still life but try to enjoy in every day even with problems because when you will solve it you will laugh when you remember that you though this problem will not be solved .... So I am very happy for you I know that finding true love is very difficult thing so be careful because you may be lose it be thinking of hurt.  if you want to know how you can forget your worry think & think & think before talk any decision if you see that he is really good man so go on . And good luck . I want you to know that I have the same experience so I tell you what I did to move step and forget the worry . Because my man helping me very much and with time I trust him and I feel so happy and safe now with him . Thanks to god how gives us the right partner to be with us in our life forever because it's a great gift from allah. I hope that every one feeling this. 

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