Why Don't Guys Show As Much Emotion About Relationships?


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Guys Hide they are emotions because they are scared of what people might think of them... If they are around their friends they don't want to show a sign of weakness's (which is normally the girl) if he doesnt show emotion its just tht hes trying to protect himself from showing his true feelings to his dudes. They might also get hurt by showing them like my big mistake (he forgave me)  was that he wrote me a poem and like I thought it came from the net because it was so well written, and well ...it didnt :S... So it kinda insulted him and he restored "or hidden" all his emotions from me because I hurt him...fortunately I made it up to him and were happy...at school I don't weakness's see his true self because all the guys are around but alone hes the best person you could ever meet, So technically what I'm trying to say is, if your guy hides his emotions from you its simply because hes madly in love with you and your his weakness's...I hope I helped? :)
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Society teaches boys that showing emotion publicly is a sign of weakness. Boys don't want to seem weak to girls they like because they think the girls will leave them, so they shut up and act tough. Boys have pretty well the same emotions as girls but keep more of them inside.
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The boys always try to be the superior race
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Jesus was a real man.  He showed emotion and cried at times.
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We guys don't show much emotion because if we do, we are letting our guard down. It's not healthy by any means, I know from personal experience. Keeping to ourselves is self destructive and can lead to a very unhappy life. I keep my wall up a lot and have a hard time letting people in because I do not trust anyone easily, it took me about 3 years to let my guard down with one gf a long time ago.
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Cause boys think that if they don't show emotion in front of the girls then we think they are tough and can handle anything!! Take care
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They've been taught to harden up, maybe they think it would be acting gay. Or all their interested in is sex.

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