Why Are Boys So Mean To The Girls They Like?


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Adrian Masters answered
Because some days we are just dumber than dirt! Unfortunately teenage boys do not know how to talk to girls yet so they tease or harass them to get their attention. Like I said, some days we are dumber than dirt!. If you like the boy have pity on him and once he feels a little comfortable with you it will all stop. If it does not stop quickly than have a quiet sensitive private talk alone with him. After all boys have to learn how to talk to girls somehow.
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Boys are mean to gurls because they are scared to show their true feelings, its probably b-because  the boys had been played before so they are insecure, so don't get discouraged because it happens to the best of us believe me, hope this helps
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I don't think they see it as being mean,that is there silly way of showing affection or some call it teasing...hope this helps.
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Because they don't want anyone to know who they like, But, mostly the person they like
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They try to play hard to get...knowing they can't...
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Its because they don't know how to be nice when they like you so they use the only emotion they know which is being mean.
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Because they don't know how to express their feeling properly or they are just stupid
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They try to act "tough".  Boys think (for some strange reason) that they have to be all manly and tough and junk!
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They want to tease them ,be closer to them without them thinking its awkward, I speak from experience, but I am not mean
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They are mean as they think it is funny or humorous it's alright if the teasing feels a little too much...the girl will really have to tell the boy and he would comfort her or something...XD
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Do unto others as you would have them do unto you !! Be a jerk back but not to much . Ignore him TOO. Let him know you are just fine without him , maybe even better !! He will turn around real quick , but be sure to use this technique as necessary , over doing it will lead to disaster . It is on a Need to do Basis !! Keep your Man in Check !!! Muahs !!

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