Why Do Boys Smell Girls Hair When They Like Them?


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The easy answer is that girls' hair smells good to boys they just like catching a whiff of a girl's shampoo. In this sense, smelling a girl's hair can be a method of flirtation and a way for a guy to be close to the subject of his desires. As for the complete answer, it's a little more complicated as it involves scientific factors like pheromones and the strength with which scent ties to memory. Longer answer short, they can't resist.

Pheromones are an often unsung element of human attraction. Released in the form of unique chemical secretions, their biological purpose is to trigger a social response between one person and another through an appeal to the sense of smell. In other words, we all emit a unique scent that some people are attracted to on a pure, biological level. Since it's been said that most pheromones are released through the scalp and other hair follicles, it stands to reason that they would have some effect on the men who consciously or subconsciously seek to sniff a girl's hair. Thus, when a guy smells a girl's hair, he's smelling her every bit as much as he's enjoying the scent of her lovely locks.

He might also feel a sense of familiarity or connection depending on the scent itself. Smell is such a strong trigger of memory that a boy might just feel good when he smells a girl's hair, even if the element of attraction is missing. Maybe her hair reminds him of a loved one or an ex, or a happy memory that he can't quite place but can still recall on some level when it's triggered by scent.

Generally speaking though, it does depend on the individual guy. Some men find it arousing, some men can't resist the way a girl's hair feels and smells, and others just find the smell pleasant.
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The truth is, we like it. (I'm a boy)
Most of us are attracted to a girl's hair, especially - for me - when it's straight, and smooth, and soft. :3
Simply, the most obvious answer is: Instinct
Like Lojikal said, scent after sight etc..
We want to smell the hair of girls we like, or think are pretty because it comes naturally for us, we want to know them, and remember them, and that's just a part of how our bodies respond to that trying to get familiar.
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Pheromones, hair, the neck, behind the ears, all emit lots of pheromones.  Female feet give off tons of pheromones too.
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Because both genders are influenced by the smell coming from potential sexual partners.
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Hi, I do not think you were given a kind answer to your question. I think boys like to smell the girls' hair, because the scent makes them feel more in tune with their sexual feelings. Take Care!
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Until i know my hair n my body smells good all d time i wear mini skirts , short tops and am slim ,
fair , and i am loved by many boys . Wat i mean is your hair along with your body impresses a boy
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I think it may be because it is may be seen as safe, tender and a gesture of affection and closeness.
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Because its smells amazing and because it definitely makes the hormones in a guy go crazy.

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Scent after sight is the strongest sensory memory device in the human brain. Endorphin, adrenalin, memories, etc. Any number of physical and or emotional responses can be elicited by an odor. I think it is a more interesting question, why women go to such lengths to make their hair smell good? Then wonder why someone would want to smell it? Why do women make so many "catch 22" situations like this? Why not expect that we like the scent or that if we enjoy a girls company that, we would like to know what her chosen/favorite scent is.
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Pheromones probably, I'm a boy but I always thought women had a better sense of smell than boys. This one time I was out my friends started smelling me for no apparent reason and said that I smelled good(they were girls) so they must be able to hone in on things like that. To me girls just smell like chemicals.
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The funny thing is that by you saying that to you girls smell like chemicals means that your sense of smell is actually MORE sensitive than most. What you are smelling is the chemicals in the various products that girls use, that is supposed to be masked by the perfumes added to those products. I'm familiar with this, as I also have a sensitive sense of smell, but for me I have pretty rough reactions to the perfumes. Most give me a headache. =(
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Cause it smells nice! As guys we want to take in every bit of beauty we can get from girls. Obviously we can hear, or taste the hair (weird) but we can still enjoy its beauty, feel how soft it is and smell how sweet it is.

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Well boys just try to flirt with you and say all kinds of things like'nice clothes'! 'nice smell' 'nice hair' and stuff.  Thats what boys just do.

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It smells nice and when you cuddle their taller than you so then thats the only thing they can smell they can't exactly smell your lips and boys like nice smells
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I think boys themselves have a longing for silky soft sweet smelling things but are conditioned not to show it. For instance, my brother was made to cut his hair when it grew too long - a few years ago. But for me I can have my silky hair as long as I want it. I use to find it weird and slightly creepy when boys and even older men and women (people I knew) would come up and touch my hair but then I realized it's because I have something they long for. When I lost my virginity, last year my boyfriend got really aroused by pulling my hair during sex. I was scared at first but he reassured me that all he wanted was to feeling the silkiness and the smell the sweetness of my hair as he was comming in me.
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If you have the chance, sneak up behind a girl that is hot and has the hair type you like and chop her head off and bring it your house.You should then make out with her sweet mouth as you sniff her head as you sleep in the peaceful night. Bake her head in the holidays to eat!!!

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