Why Do Guys Hide Their Feelings When They Know The Girl Likes Them Too?


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I have two theories as to why some guys do this! I’m not sure which is right, but either way, I wish they’d stop.  It can be so frustrating for a girl!

Guys Won’t Show Their Feelings Because They’re Scared of Being Rejected.
If a guy doesn’t think that a girl likes him, he’s unlikely to show his feelings.

You might think that you’ve given your crush all the right signals, but that doesn’t mean he’s picked up on them!

Some guys (not all of them) are a bit slow when it comes to this sort of thing. If you haven’t spelled it out, your crush might not even be aware that you like him.

Alternatively, he could just be painfully shy, and terrified that you’ll reject him – even though you like him. He might be so worried about doing something wrong, that he’s doing nothing at all.

If this is the case, you might have to take matters into your own hands, and ask him on a date yourself!

Guys Won’t Show Their Feelings Because They’re Trying To Impress You.
I know this doesn’t seem to make much sense, but hear me out!

Some boys think that they have to act “hard” and manly in order for girls to find them attractive.

These guys tend to think that showing their feelings is being emotional and girly, and so they don’t do it – because they’re trying to impress you by showing how manly they are!

Obviously, this is a really silly way of thinking, and is something that I hope guys grow out of as they get older.
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If you give most guys a hint or two that you like them, then they'll probably make it clear that they like you back.

One thing us guys are sometimes scared of is making a move and being rejected (as our ego is at stake), but if a guy is pretty sure a girl likes him, he'll make his move.

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