Can Someone Please Talk To Me?


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Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
I would love to talk. In my circle, there are plenty of people that would love to talk to you, take note of my username and accept the friendship request when I send it to you.
emma danish Profile
emma danish answered
Anytime i will answer your questions or click on my username and at the bottom press make me there friend i will accept and you can shout me anytime take care
Penny Kay Profile
Penny Kay answered
Same thing with me, I am in both Sunnyd and Tiggersomom's social circle here on Blurtit! I have many friends that would love to talk to you as we are able within the limits of our website. Just click on the P for pencil and go to my page and leave a message in the shout box and hit submit after you do that and you will be on my home page, your message that you left in the shoutbox will go to the top of the messages you see there. I will surely see it and reply, I too will make sure we are friends 'on the list' so you will have access to any of my communications! Welcome and talk to you soon!
I am part of the mod squad consisting of myself, pencil, sunnyd, and tiggersmom.
Lee Bruce Profile
Lee Bruce answered
Gotta agree with the topic specification thing. I'm willing to talk but I don't know what to throw out there.
Elizabeth Dilworth Profile
Oh look! You've got me to your colection of friends. If you need something sorting out don't hesitate to ask me. Xxx dilworthe

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