Why Do Guys Send Mixed Signals?


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I believe it is the woman who assumes that if a man is paying attention to her one day and then ignoring her the next,that it is a mixed signal.  From my experience men don't send mixed signals.  Most men who do that are just temporarily gratifying their own egos.  The day they are ignoring you is the day they are gratifying themselves with somebody else, and you don't serve that purpose for them anymore until the next time they need stroking.
Honestly if a man is truly attracted to you he will make a fool of himself to try to get your attention on a daily basis.  In other words you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt whether or not he likes you.  My advice is don't play with the players and you will find a really nice guy.
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Has your boyriend always been like this, or is it something new? if it's new, maybe the first thing is to find out if sometihng is wrong; if he is under some special stress or has a problem. This doesn't excuse his behaviour, but it might help you to understand it. In any case, to tell him, quite calmly and trying not to get upset, how his behavour looks to you, might be helpful. He may be able to explain it, or be willing to do things differently.

However, if he goes on being strange in his behaviour, you may have to think very carefully about the relationship. Women often waste a lot of time staying with men who treat them badly, because they think love will "cure" the man; sadly, often they are better off looking for a man who will treat them better (of course, men also sometimes stay with women who treat them badly - in which case, the same thing applies.) I would like to give you one tip: if he ever hits you, even if it seems like a small thing, then it's time to go. It just about always gets worse.
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I think men are confused themselves. They are powered by their hormones and are always thinking of sex, so they send mixed signals because they are mixed. They may like you as a friend but they are also always ready to have sex, even if they don't want to have a relationship with you. Guys can have sex with no strings attached easier than women and they never feel bad after.
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Oh my god the same thing happend to me and what I found out that it was family issues for my boyfriend he was very stressed and he was taking it out on EVERYONE around him. Maybe sit down and talk to him ( in person ) and ask him whats going on and say if theirs other issues in your life please don't take them out on me talk them out on me! (: Or if he is just a bad boyfriend let him go and find a new better boyfriend than himmm. Hope I helped and I know it is hard because I went through that once and it defenitly isn't fun WHAT SO EVA!
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Because maybe they are going through a tough time in their life and they don't really have a clue what to do and they sorda some what take it out on other people.another possibility ius he might be bored with the relashionship if you guys arent taking any steps. Maybe you guys have gotten in a recent argument and have some un reezolved shiz you need to work out, in that  case you guys should meet up somewhere sit down and talk about it. Guys are guys and they always will be we have to learn their ways of being guys!
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Men are so confusing. I really would say that they don't know that there sending mixed signals at all
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I've started seeing my ex boyfriend for the past 2 months which I havent seen since almost 4 years ago who is the father of my son. We have been hanging out 1-2 days a week every week... We have gone to the movies and dinner and even slept together, and after we had slept together  we would  lay in bed hugging and kissing and talking about all our son and bringing up the good times we had... I messaged him one morning just to see how he was and letting him know that I wanted to talk to him. Its been 2days and he hasn't replied and I haven't heard from him since....he always msg's me back, and if his busy he would msg me letting me know that he was busy and would talk to me later... I really don't know whats going on...his been really depressed, so I have been trying to put a smile on his face and helping him to be happy again. Everytime he leaves my place he send me msg's letting me know that he had a great night and his glad that it didnt feel like he has the world on his shoulders... I feel like he is using me, can someone please help me
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Is he taking drugs, they can give you mood swings. I am sure if you asked him he would deny it, but lookout for tell-tale signs. Write down the next several times it happens in a diary and see if there is a pattern. Is it the day after he has been paid, he could be on a high as he has money to buy drugs but the following day he is on a downer. Maybe best to keep the diary going for several weeks to get a clear pattern if there are definitely no drugs involved. Write down where you are, who you with and time of day/night etc. A pattern will soon emerge and you will be able to work it out for yourself.
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I have been guilty of this but it wasn't intentional. I really liked the girl, but was unsure of what she was thinking. But I also noticed that she was doing it as well. I think it is fear more so than mixed signals, especially on a first time encounter. It also may be just to see what kind of rouse they can get from the girl. It may also just be that the male is expressing himself in a way that is inappropriate and the next day may try a new tactic. Thank you.
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I really don't understand Men at all.
One minute they talk to you all the time, then the next they appear to be less interested. I don't know if it's because I'm giving mixed signals.
I doubt it because he knows I like him. A lot.
What should I do now? I'm confused!
Thanks for any help.
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Girl try to talk to him communcation is truly the key to a sucessful long term realtionship. Plus be honest tell him straight out how you feel. Depending on how he answers start eva luting your relationship. Remember there are meany fishes in the sea ,just like you found him, you could find another guy . A better guy .But if you see that he changes after the talk and tries to woe you  n be wonderful again give him a chance. Guys are stupid and never assume they know what you feel or think cause they don't again just be honest.
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Regarding guys sending 'mixed signals', us guys need to process things on our own and alone (unless we ask for advice please don't give it or continually pursue 'what's wrong' while we're in this state it'll just frustrate us more), we go into our cave so to speak and distance ourselves in order to figure things out. It's just how we're wired, and when we have figured stuff out, we bounce back to you. The more we know we're loved and respected, the faster we bounce back usually. Hope that helps!
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I am totally confused...okay me and my boyfriend broke up about 2 or 3 weeks ago and it literally devestated me because I cared about him so much and we were together for 8 months.  Even after we were broken up though he would text message me, and one night he called me at like 4:30 in the morning, but I was asleep so I didn't catch his call.  I couldnt take it any longer, so one night while at a friends house I messaged him saying that I really missed him and I trully loved him.  The next day he messaged me back asking me why I was up so late, and we continued texting for a while.  About a week ago we got back together, but its like everything is different.  He used to always text me first, now I have to text him, and sometimes he doesnt answer my calls.  I hate these whole mind games, because I really do care about the boy.  I actually talked to him a few minutes ago, and he told me he loved me and everything, but I feel like he doesn't trully care.  Like the other day I tried calling him and he didn't answer so when I talked to him earlier I asked him why he hasn't been answering my calls, and he said that he only got one call, but I know I called him two or three times because everytime I got his voicemail and I left him messages.  I just want to know why he is doing this, I know he works nights and that he is tired, but I think he should still make time for me.

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