Why Do Guys Seem Heartless And Emotionlessly Mean?


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Men have been conditioned since childhood to be "Tough"! From childhood they are told things such as "What are you a Man or a Crybaby" or "Look at the little Sissy Crying like a Baby" to name a few. Some of the reasons are that when there is war Men traditional were the one's sent. Men's make-up is also very different from a woman's, they have testosterone which is an aggressive hormone making them more competitive and aggressive. They are the traditional "Hunter Gatherer" of the two sexes and to be tender is not a socially acceptable characteristic for men. In fact even to this day when men show certain types of emotion they are considered soft and often associated with being homosexual. This is not the case as men are emotional and get hurt and cry when they must cry. If you ever watch professional sports you see men quite often cry after winning and losing. When the emotion requires the release men do release the emotion. Society has become much more excepting of men crying, however if it will ever will be accepted as when a woman cries is a different deal.
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"Guys Seem Heartless And Emotionlessly" I am hearing /seeing this statement for the first time. Men do not show their emotions outside. It doesn't mean that they are emotion less.

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