Why Is Ex Boyfriend Sending Me Mixed Signals Abt Us,i Need HELP?


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Did he tell you why he wanted to break up and if so, did it make sense? There could be all sorts of reasons that this is taking place and you have not given enough info so that anyone could help.

Just a speculation that maybe he has taken the approach that if you love someone, set them free. If they love you, they will come back. It may be that he is expecting you to come back and those are the signals that you are seeing.

Either that or he has realized how much he still cares for you and regrets letting you go but is having a hard time admitting he was wrong for his actions and does not see that you might forgive him and accept him back.

There are many things but these are a couple off the top of my head. The main thing is that you both need to talk openly to find out what is really going on and also be willing to forgive, compromise and be friends all at the same time.
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My best advice, would be to just ride out this wave, but not forever. Your boyfriend may just need some space, which is normal in any relationship. If weeks go by, and he still acts this way.(the I love yous), its time to have a heart to heart. You need to find out what your boyfriends intentions are. Right know, its best if you just enjoy your boyfriends kind words and give him the space he might need.
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Well all I have to say think about why he broke up with you and think about what you want to do it is up to you and only you.
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I'm going through the same problems, he keeps telling me he wants to get back together and then is changing his mind
it depends on what you want
Do you like him ??
If so ask him about it but if not then just leave it and don't play his games
also remember why you are not together anymore ,, who's fault was it ect.ect....
Hope this helps you
:) x

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