How Do You Know If Your Ex Still Has Feelings For You?


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The biggest sign that an ex still has feelings for you is when he makes an effort to get back into your life.

If you haven't given him/her any signals to suggest that you're still interested, this is the most obvious way an ex will let on that they still have feelings for you.

How can you tell if an ex still loves you? If an ex is constantly calling you, messaging you, or making excuses to come round and see you, then this is a pretty sure sign that they are still think about you in a romantic way.

It can take a period of time to get over a relationship (how long depends on how serious the relationship was).

If, even after a reasonable amount of time, your ex still hasn't cooled off, the chances are he or she is still hot for you!

Keep an eye out for whether your ex is trying to 'accidentally bump into you' as well. This is a very common trait of an ex who still harbors feelings.

How to you know if your ex still has feelings?

They might be hanging about in all your favorite places, or spending an unusual amount of time with people you are likely to know - anything that will keep them relative to your life.

Jealousy is another sign, although being jealous doesn't necessarily mean an ex still wants to be with you.

People often mistake jealousy as being romantically-motivated, but this is not always the case.

There's a difference between having feelings for someone, and finding it difficult seeing them with someone else.
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Sounds like he must still have feelings for you. Most ex's don't keep in touch and he is calling every day.

So it's up to you to put the brakes on him or continue the way things are with him.He must be an ex for some reason.
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If he is calling you every day maybe he is not ready to let the relationship go. If he was still really into you he would tell you I think. Maybe he is still comfortable with the relationship itself.

I would put the breaks on the phone calls for a while and see how he reacts. If he tells you he can't take not talking you everyday, then he is still into you - but if he gradually stops calling then you know it is time to move on.
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He must have some feelings for you, or he would not call and give mixed signals. How do you really really feel about him. Stop answering your phone, go out with friends a few nights and you will know how he feels pretty soon!
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It is good to have feelings, You cannot stop anyone having feelings. If she realizes her mistake or want to come back in your life and if you are interested, then it is good.

At least you both have better understanding.
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I agree. You have to play it slow. I am in a similar situation right now with my ex, he recently started talking to me again and trying to remain in contact.

Give it a few days between the phone calls. That's your true test if your ex tells you he can't take not talking to you on the phone everyday.
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Does he/she call you or text you just to say hi? Do you sense any friction in his voice if you tell him/her you are going on a date?

Sometimes it depends on how he/she speaks to you and the tone he has in his/her voice. You can also be upfront and just ask.
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Hello. Maybe your ex doesn't want you to move on. I am not sure of your age, nor what kind signals he is giving you, but to me, an ex is just that there must be a reason in his mind or youres on why you just don't move on.

Then see how it goes. Don't put all you're eggs in one basket. Think about why this is your Ex.
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I'm in a similar situation and it sucks one day he tells me he misses me the next that he went to a party with some girl....what I really think is that it depends on the length of the relationship. If it was long, then chances are he's just having a hard time letting go of a person that was in his life for a long time even if his feelings have changed.

Changes are hard even if they are for the best. Follow the above advice and let time answer and determined the future.. And, believe it or not, there are plenty of fish in the sea... Have fun and time cures all.
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They call you, tell you they still care, date someone else even though they can't stop thinking about you and show you by asking for your advice.

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