Still Have Feelings That Won't Go Away -What Should I Do?


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Well, you could make sure that the current interest knows how you feel, and then maybe you should let him decide. Or, you can just try going out with him and not tell him about the other one, because he might not want to know about it. Either way, I think you need to keep being honest with yourself. Take a little more time to think about it, and go with what you really think is best for you. Hope this helps you out.
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I have been hoping that the friend that I do care about will talk to me again one day but now I know in my heart he hates me and will never forgive me for what I said. I don't like leading any man on and I feel if I do go out with this person he will think we can be a couple. Deep in my heart I can't stop thinking about my friend but I can't talk to him either because he is so stubborn and I don't want him to think I'm desperate, not.
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Even though you don't want to sound desperate, aren't you ? I mean that in the most sincere way don't get me wrong. You can live your life regretting what could've been or you can at least give it your all and try to make ammends. Then at least if he does reject you, you will be able to say that you did everything to try and feel more at peace with yourself and that's the most important thing right ? And hey you never know maybe that's all its going to take for him to forgive you. Answer your own Q and give it your all so that you can stop living in your regretful shoulda, coulda, woulda past. Best of luck
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I think one thing I learned about letting my feelings go about my ex, especially because he was special to me. I felt like I just couldn't get him out of my head even though I didn't want to be back with him. It doesn't matter if you want to be with them or not. But if you have feelings for them, first, find everything in your house or room that you have of him or with him or watever. If you have old photos, notes/letters, or presents from him. Even if their shoved in a place where you won't see them, it doesn't matter, it's still in the back of your mind that they're there. So get rid of them. Burn letters and pictures. Put the gifts in the trash or sell them in a rummage sale so that if someone else has it, it's someone you will most likely not see again. I hope this helps!!
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Trust me there a whole big world out there and leave the place that reminds of all the past start all alone
Cry and forget
the new place is only you and the best things to come on ...
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Try to concentrate on other activities or can do some other work.Be bold and brave. This is the very small problem and you are so takes some time but it will fades with time but signs are always there.

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