What's The Best Way To Learn How To French Kiss?


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Amy Barany answered
Everyone has a different style, and there is no "right" or "wrong" way to do it.  So no one can give you step by step instructions or anything like that.  So the best way to learn is to just try it and find out what style works for you.  It's ok if it's a bit awkward at first!  Feel free to let the other person sort of take the lead at first if that makes you more comfortable.
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Grace bessieres answered
Have to laugh because romance is not something you are taught or take lessons .  I am French , my fiance is Italian - 2 of the romantic countries.  It is just a natural way to express your true emotion.  
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Anonymous answered
I suggest you watch people french kissing.
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Joan answered
This is easy to answer - as the kids are fond of saying, "JUST DO IT!"  As we old folks are fond of saying, "Practice makes perfect!"
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Nancy Bieber answered
ASk if u can pratice on ur best guy friend, if that doesn't work than watch movies with lots of french kissing involved, and keep rewinding and watching it over, untill you think that you got it!

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