What Age Did You Have Your First Kiss?


21 Answers

amanda sherrod Profile
amanda sherrod answered
My first kiss was 13 my first french kiss was 15
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
About 11
Brady Profile
Brady answered
16, First French kiss was this year, age 17.
bobbie smith Profile
bobbie smith answered
About 7 under a table with a guy a year older then me
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Mine was 5-6yrs old
with my best friend named Ryan
he said I had a pretty shirt on lol
and I told him I wanted to play this game and he said only if you kiss me my first thought was EWWWW I'm going to GET your COOTIES (lol I was little don't judge me.)
but I ended up kissing him because I REALLY wanted to play tht game! Haha now I'm 12 and has had about 2-3 kisses
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I was 7 when I had my first kiss and 12 (this year) when I had my first french kiss. And it was amazing!!
Chloe Perreault Profile
Chloe Perreault answered
Honestly I'm 16 and I haven't had that first "real" kiss yet. I've kissed boys, but I've never had a real kiss with somebody I really cared about.
Adrian Masters Profile
Adrian Masters answered
My first real kiss was 11 or 12. Her name was Cathy. That was a long time ago. The last time I saw her she was married with three kids.
Paula Not tellin u Profile
I'm fifteen and I haven't had mine yet. I don't really care if I ever get mine. If I ever do, though, I won't care how old I am when I get it. Just as long as it's perfect.
Calli Miller Profile
Calli Miller answered
I was in 8th gade and my x kissed me but I didn't get my first real kiss till I met my fiancee I met him in june of 09
Viva La Vida Profile
Viva La Vida answered
Hasnt come yet .... And I'm 14...... But this guy that I like ...... We already slow danced .... So maybe ....

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