My Boyfriend Hasn't Kissed Me Do I Hint To Him That I Want To Kiss Him Without Just Coming Out And Telling Him?


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MJ Lee answered
Well, if you don't want to just wait until nature lets it happen, then most likely you would want to take him to somewhere you both like and feel comfortable. Talk about your feels and build a bond for that day, lean in to him. Look him in the eyes and just show him what you want
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Maeve Lauzon answered

  • Seriously I don't know. I'm in the same situation but i think you should get somewhere private  and talk about your feelings.  After this  tell him that you like him and you will see what happens next :)

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Well thats a tough one you could kiss him first, or go what you would both call a perfect date and then end it with a kiss.
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Biz answered
Well do it at the end of a date and just lean in if he doesnt get it just go for it but, if he leans in then you are good to go.

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