Ok, how do I Kiss My Tall Boyfriend Without Going On My Toes? Like Different Ways To Kiss Him


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I had a similiar issue when I was dating my wife who was rather tall (almost 4 inches taller than me). We fixed the issue. When I walked her home I would spring up the stairs to her home, one or two steps, Turn around and kiss her. We managed to always find a way.

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I'm 4'11 and my husbands 5'10. I always find a curb or just smother him with kisses when he's sitting down.

When there's a will there's a way!

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Hmmm....some sexy high heels (?)

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I never minded standing on my toes.  Sometimes my tall husband used to lift me up to kiss me.  On occasion, I would reach up and pull him down to meet me.  Kissing was never a problem for us.

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