I'm going to the movies tomorrow with my boyfriend and I'm not quite sure what to do. We're going to see the new Robocop. But like how do you kiss during an action movie or in the theater? And what all should I do while on the date?


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if you are already thinking of kissing you may come off as a bit eager. Let him come to you. If he does then just go from there. Just try not to be that obnoxious couple that seems to be at every movie that you want to call security on okay? :)

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why do you think couples are obnoxious??
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i believe that eels shouldn't be allowed in the movie theater. (eels being a term for those so inclined to acts of excessive PDA that its becomes uncomfortable for those around them.) i don't think couples are obnoxious i'm in a relationship myself. i just don't think that intimacy is something to be made public.

i guess im just old fashioned
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ah ok i get ya
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Hey hun, I would say just relax and have fun and show him you are having a good time by smiling and laughing at his jokes and stuff like that. If you flirt with him and show him you are having a good time, then he will probably try and kiss you at some point (if he is brave enough). If he needs some help reading that that's what you want, you could always hold his hand or arm or something like that. Also getting close and looking deeply into his eyes for a few seconds works.

As for the action movie thing.. Yeah, it can be a bit of a mood killer, but you can always kiss when you're outside the movies or maybe he will forget all about the movie in front of him when he sees you

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