If you ask a guy to go to the movies and he wants to go with you, does that make it a date? We're friends but I was just wondering, do guys consider a one on one hangout a date?


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Austin Jones answered

depends on the guy and what u do after the movie 

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Darik Majoren answered

So if you were to attend the movies with the any gender does that make it a date? Simply put, it depends upon the agreement regarding the outing.

A date is when you are getting to know someone in attempts to foster a relationship that goes FURTHER then mere friends. So, regardless whom is asking you to go to the movies, if "Friendship" be the underlining factor then it IS just a "hang out". And not a date.

You should, of course, communicate this openly AND pay your own way as that's what friends do . . Unless you take turns treating each other.

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Tom Jackson answered

Here's two "definitions" of a date that seem to make a lot of sense.

.......Going on dates usually means that 2 people like each other or are trying to see if they like each other.

........It is like a chance to get to know someone. It is like an interview to see if you would like to be boyfriend and girlfriend. There are no rules.

What it means depends on what the group you hang around with thinks it means; and most importantly, what it means to you and the person you go on the date with intend it to mean.

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