A guy at my school keeps asking when we'll get together and watch a movie. The thing is he's been sending me flirty messages and I don't want him to think I like him that way. But somehow he already decided we'll get together for this movie, which would be fine if it was a friendly thing. I don't want to just say 'no' and be rude, but I also don't want to watch a movie alone with him at his place.. How do I make this clear in a friendly way?


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Well, he's got ideas besides watching a movie. If he is young than he's got bigger ideas, no offense. You got to set the guy straight and if it hurts well he will get over it..I could never imagine me asking a girl (woman) to watch a movie with me alone cause even to me that sounds kind of creepy.

Now to take a girl into public like a restaurant full of people that is little different..If you keep accepting flirty messages you're giving the guy wrong ideas. You need tell him look I don't mind being your friend but I am not into the dating scene and not looking for any guy at this time..The guy definitely has other ideas - so you need to really be on your guard.

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Having a guy who clearly doesn't take NO for an answer is a VERY scary thing. Saying yes "not to be rude" to someone who is clearly "rude" and pushy, overstepping your boundaries with the flirty talk, is not the best decision you could make. I'd just break the date and tell the truth AGAIN, that you aren't interested, in a way that he DOES take no for an answer and the truth doesn't have to be rude. How HE takes it is HIS problem, but you should always be clear and honest.

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