What Are The Signs Of My Long Distance Boyfriend Cheating On Me?


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I can not give you the signs of cheating in a long distance relationship exclusively, but I can advise you on what you need to do to guard your heart, or at least protect it from this day forward. Since you can't see them, you'll never be for sure if there is cheating. However when you visit him, make it a point to check things out. Trust me men are like dogs, they Sh-t and don't cover it up, and women are like cats they cover up their sh-t! (That's another story though) So the obvious is this, pay attention to all detail. Don't make it obvious, but listen to his calls, see if he answers all calls in front of you, notice if his tone of voice changes or he acts a little nervous See if he keeps his cell phone off around you,. Hopefully you have met his friend's girlfriends or wives. Hopefully you can build a relationship with one, but not all of them. Pick the one girlfriend that seems to be 100% real. You in return be real with her. Scope out how she interacts with her boyfriend, which is your man's friend. You two will begin to share things and can also share a friendship long distance. If she mentions she suspects her boyfriend cheats or he hangs out with the boys too much, pay attention. Birds of a feather flock together. Eventually you both will have each others back and she will either expose him to you or you'll feel comfortable in sharing how you feel, and perhaps she'll be able to shed a little light. It's hard to catch long distance cheating, but most of the same signs in a local relationship apply to a long distance relationship. Here's a few to get you started.
Disappearing Acts:
Does he have a pattern of disappearing without a trace. You can't reach him by cell phone, or any other course. Hours later or even the next day he responds with an excuse that he had an emergency, but the emergency has nothing to do with his hands. (Oops he forgot about that one).His stories become more and more unbelievable or unimaginable. He will suddenly lose his cell phone, the battery died, he didn't hear it ring, his homeboy went to jail, his dad is in the hospital, his homeboy died. It goes on and on. It's not that these things can't happen, but he has a sudden onset of them every few days is the catch.

His attitude changes toward you:
He becomes distant and uninterested. He cuts the calls short. He's now slow to responding to your calls, emails or texts. He suddenly has a high interests in doing things with his homeboys rather than spending time with you even if it's just by phone. He's stop referring to you and him as we, and now refers to himself. Altogether he is just not the same.

He talks about other women:
When men are trying to deceive a woman, they try to act as if they are being honest and upfront about everything. So they will tell you about women friends in their lives, their exes, their problems with their exes. This way they think you trust them because they share everything with you even though they really aren't. Just in case you hear a rumor about him being seen with any of them, it will be justified because they already told you. Only the very experienced cheater is smart enough to do this. Most men would not give you the slightest hint that they are cheating. You have to read between the lines and very carefully so. There are men that really do have women friends, but some of these men are romantically involved with these so -called women friends.
So the key here is to pay attention, he will expose his owns self in due time. Just save your heart, Pull it until you find the truth. There's no since asking because most men won't tell you the truth.
Meanwhile invest in yourself, don't be too available until you've got your answers. Show him you have a life outside of him and enjoy yourself. Make you happy! He will see two things. If he's cheating you are not going to give him the benefit of breaking your heart, nor are you going to wait around for his next lie, next disappearing act, or next deception. Remember Be Free! No man should complete you but instead compliment you.
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You should be concerned because someone else is probably taking all of his attention....meaning that since he loves you he doesnt want to lose you in case he comes back or it could be that he doesnt want anyone else with you so he decides to cheat for his own pleasure but not for yours
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I am in a distance relationship but I feel he wants to quit.I see him online rarely he is always busy...I am very jealous I think he has some love there.I can't imagine to be left by him.
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I moved and my boyfriend and I became long distance, after 6 months he cheated on me.
I could tell it was coming because he called less (then stopped calling), his facebook statuses were a big hit (maybe he was trying to send hints to me, with a status saying 'Work with benefits' he got with a colleague). And he texted less. Until eventually a friend told me, he'd been cheating for two months.

Don't be stupid like me and believe him when he says he loves you still when he was cheating, he said that the same night he slept with a close friend of mine.
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Signs of cheating are if he accuses you of cheating you。 Guys are always fighting if he never wants to spend time with you. The only reason why I know all these answer to a question like this is because I caught my boyfriend cheating on me. But before I caught him those were everything that was going on. oh yeah he always wanted to be around his mother and I was getting sick and tired of him liking. You have to be real sneaky if you want to see it for your two eyes and if you want more details you can write back to me.
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I can relate to. I have been in a long distance relationship for over 6 months. He got out of the hospital on Tuesday and that is the last time we talked. He has had his phone shut off and I have no way to contact him. I do trust him but I seem to find him in more lies as the days go. We usually talk every day so this 3 days off is not usual and sometimes I worry I wont hear from him again as he will finally come clean on something he is hiding. Trust is everything and although I try to trust there are always questions. You have to follow your heart.
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I have been in long distance relationship with a man who was originally from South Africa and who now lives in Edmonton Alberta.  

In this time he was kind and loving and eventually I went over to Canada and spent close to three months with him in his home.  

Since my return back to South Africa, he has told me about several 'female friends'. I am convinced that they are not only friends, he has continued to correspond with me, and continually accuses me of having affairs, everytime I look on his facebook he has added another new person, always a woman from his area and always a single woman.  

The latest is now, his daughters friends mother previously it was some woman he picked up in a pub.  He cannot forget me, but at the same time he is not allowing me to move on with my life here.  He is also an abuser of alcohol and has been in rehab several times, he does not appear to have very good morals, like I originally thought he may have.  

These woman obviously are much the same in this regard.  It is indeed sad as he has caused a lot of emotional scars and the worst is I have allowed it.  Reading this tonight has helped me realise that he is playing with me and there is only one person who can stop this and that is myself. 

I need to delete his number, get a new number, for both my the landline and also cellulars, delete him from my facebook and never look at his facebook again and go into the application that makes any emails he may send go directly into the trash bin, in some ways having this distance makes it easier to get over the hurt however it has been a long time and daily contact so it will take time...

Learn through my mistakes, the very thing he said his wife did to him, he did to me, a person who only gave him the best in every respect.

Does he care? 

No, because if he did, he would not have done this, I am not an unattractive woman and have much to offer and I have managed to remain loyal and decline invites from other males, he too has a family to care for, well a daughter, but he found it too much effort to remain loyal, there is no point in been in denial, he has been caught out so many times now and the answers written above are excellent and they made me realise tonight what is going on, he is making me wait because he knows I will, and I need to walk away from him.

In time karma will deal with this person who played with my soul as though it was a playground and when he had better things to do, he kicked me away and then would come running back saying even he had a stroke... Only to find out that was another untruth...

Very sad.

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