What Are All The Major Signs That Tell You Your Significant Other Is Cheating On You?


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Well, if the other one is cheating on you then the first sign would be he won't be able to look you in the eye, and he'll find himself less confident while speaking to you about anything. He will start giving you excuses for silly things, say you ask him to go out for something may be a movie or a dinner, and if he is really cheating on you then he surely will be concerned about the other person and will not like to mingle around with you most of the times. And you are the best person to judge on this. Its your life and you are the decision maker here. So make a move after knowing everything.
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Signs of cheating include: Hiding things from you, lying, going out more(w/o you), staying out late, any changes in routine, changes in your sex life, wanting to look good & smell good when they didn't before, anything that is out of the norm. Or is out of character for them, being distant, less affectionate and giving you less attention..etc. Hope this helps.
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