What are the signs that your boyfriend is cheating?


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I've been lucky enough in life to never have  been on either side of infidelity so far ..unless I'm completly oblivious ,  which I don't think I am. Anyway , one sure sign of someone being unfaithful to me would be that he would be missing a limb or be seriously seriously  wounded in some way.  There's your sign.

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Yin And Yang
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Hay I saw some bloody stumped man crawling on his elbows and chin the other day...... do you know him? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!
Mettaton EX
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What does that have to do with cheating? This is serious.
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He makes up excuses and works later ours but is really with some other girl.

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Everyone gave you some wonderful answers how ever I want to add in that a lot of times you DO get a gut feeling. Just you gotta make sure that it is not FEAR that you think it is a gut feeling......

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