Can You Tell Me 10 Signs Of A Wife Cheating?


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10 signs of a cheating wife: 1. Her attitude changes towards you

2. She keeps working late, or has a lot of things to do out of the house (excuses)

3. She isn't sexually involved any more, or is, but seems distant

4. Her cell phone is on silent, or completely turned off, when she's at home or around her spouse

5. She's always picking fights

6. She's not emotionally there for the relationship any more

7. She treats you like crap

8. She doesn't do anything with you any more

9. She never says, or says too often: " I love you"

10. She dresses more sexily when she's not with you

It depends on your situation, and the signs could be different, so I would have to know your situation - but these are the basic signs that show your other half is no longer involved with just you.
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Don't forget coming home early and finding strange man in your bed.
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Signs of cheating:

She might but you new cologne , or suggest a certain name of a new cologne for you to try.

She buys new underwear or thongs.

Her cell phone outgoing/incoming calls are always deleted. She becomes overprotective of her cell phone.

The cars mileage is off. If she said she is going to the mall and it is 20 miles away, and the mileage reads 10 miles and there is 2 hours missing with her story time.

Her kiss will be different, you know how you kiss her in a long passionate kiss, well a sure sign is that it is a miss.
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I wish that would happen to me. I'm tired of the mystery and least in that cenario there is no mystery, the anxiety is over, cause you know now.i hope i make a friend or two. I got no one to talk to or trust.
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1. The most common sign is secrecy. If she suddenly starts being very secretive, be wary.

2. Another common sign would be if she suddenly starts to converse on the phone in private, or if you notice she spends a lot of time online, but when you check the browsing history on your computer it has been erased.

3. Changes in how she behaves during sexual activity. She might kiss differently or perhaps want to engage in sexual acts or sexual positions that she has never done before.

4. If you see receipts in the trash for condoms or lingerie, or see the actual items and you know for a fact that they have not been used.

5. An obvious one would be if she was spending most of her free time with someone other than you.

If you think your wife is cheating on you you should stay calm and try and find out what's up and what you're going to do if she is. Don't confront her unless you are certain she is cheating on you.

Also, you need to decide where your relationship is going if she is, i.e. Should you end it or try to work it out?

Whatever you do, DO NOT let your anger take control. Violence and destruction will lead to legal issues.

Hope I helped.
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Key signs that your wife is cheating on you:
  1. Your gut tells you something's not adding up. If you feel the need to snoop, or investigate, then an unsettling feeling inside is pointing to infidelity. People who don't suspect infidelity, don't research it. Be honest about the red flags you are noticing. Many times, people search for signs of a cheating wife or cheating husband, hoping that their partner does NOT show the same signs. But, whatever you do, don't completely ignore your gut. 
  2. Stories don't make sense. There seems to be a missing link when your spouse explains where they've been. Your partner may talk to you about working late, or a long commute with heavy traffic. If times or dates don't add up, it can create lots of questions. It's easy for a lying partner to forget their own story. If you suspect cheating, try to remember your spouse's story, then casually ask about it again later in the week. See if it's still consistent. 
  3. If you imply your spouse is cheating, they get defensive quickly. Your spouse may figure you'll back-off if they get angry. A heightened response is a sign that you've pushed a sensitive button. Even more, a cheating spouse may become explosive about unrelated trivial topics. Why? Because your partner isn't feeling great about the marriage in the first place. Many troubles facing your marriage only become more upsetting during a crisis. 
  4. Your marriage has been struggling, and you've both felt disconnected for sometime now. Infidelity is a hard-hitting symptom of a greater problem in your marriage. If these problems remain unresolved, your marriage will continue to struggle. Every relationship faces some disconnect at times, but are you both returning to a loving, intimate place after an argument? If not, your partner could be getting comfort from someone else. Feeling disconnected is one of the most common signs of a cheating wife. 
  5. They don't invite you around their friends, work place, other activities, or events. Sometimes, a full-blown affair hasn't developed. It could be a crush, or an interest in someone else. If your spouse doesn't want to you pick him or her up, if they avoid you like the plague at certain times, there may be something they don't want you to see. This is a common sign of a cheating wife 
  6. Certain information is hidden from you such as e-mail log-ins or passwords. They won't openly share these accounts with you. People who have nothing to hide don't hide things. Does your spouse cling to his or her cell phone? Are they protective of their e-mail accounts? If you sense that your spouse is over-protective with their “personal” things, they may be hiding something. 
  7. You discover e-mail accounts that you didn't know existed. Does your spouse have a new profile up on a website that they didn't openly share with you ? Did you find instant messaging that you didn't even know existed? Are you “discovering” new profiles or communication devices that are a surprise? 
  8. They have unusual mood swings, a sign of their own internal conflict. At times, it may seem your spouse is fierce, angry, and edgy. Other times, they are elated, thrilled, excited, possibly just before the weekend, or an evening out. Yes, happily married couples get excited and irritable too, but remember, we're looking at more than just one sign here. 
  9. They are totally unavailable at times. Is the cell phone signal “suddenly” not working at peculiar times? Does your spouse not answer the phone when you call with a convenient excuse later? Yes, sometimes signals fail, but come on…how often is this happening and when? If the cell phone works perfectly fine all other times, it's probably not the cell phone network that's the problem. 
  10. Little or no sex in your marriage. Sex is more than just a physical pleasure. It's time when couples are only focused on connecting with one another. Sex is something the two of you share that involves no one else. It's a moment in time where all other problems fade, and you're simply in the moment. Even more, men and women need sex. Men, especially have a greater need. Sex builds up their testosterone, which makes men feel strong, and able. If sex is a problem, it can be tough because there are lots of emotional “reasons” couples turn away from it, but there are physical reasons we need it. Some cases of infidelity are strictly for sex. Others involve a much more complex connection. 

There ARE exceptions here! Meaning, that standing alone, some of these behaviors are perfectly fine. For example, if you've never been at your wife's place of work, then it doesn't suddenly mean this is one of the signs she's cheating. 

But, let's be honest, it's a combination of suspicious activities that create the worry. So, as mentioned earlier, try to be objective. Don't allow your emotions to drive your thoughts or behaviors. Stick with the real evidence, and if things don't add up, then get some help, and think this through maturely.  Try to stay calm, and objective.

This website and e-zine mentioned below provides the help you need to deal with signs of a cheating wife or signs of a cheating husband. These resources uncover the truth, and can help you decide what to do next. 

If you're very upset and need some tips, click on the Infidelity help link on the website below to connect with an infidelity coach, or call 301-875-5019. At this point, your reaction could improve, or worsen this situation. Why wonder about the signs of a cheating wife or cheating husband? Get some support now.
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