If The Wife Constantly Accuses Husband Of Cheating Is It Possible It Is Because She Already Has?


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My wife constantly thinks I cheat on her, I never have cheated on her and never planned on cheating on her. If I am away from home for any long period of time (3-4 hours) she gets mad even though she knew where I was going. I keep reading things about how I am supposed to re-assure her. Well I really don't feel like it. I am tired of it. She is a grown adult and needs to stop acting like a 15 year old high school girl. If she doesn't stop this nonsense I'll just kick her to the curb and find someone else to clean my house. I advise any man in the same situation as me to do the same.
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Some of us woman need reassurance, we need to feel loved and needed depending on how long you have been in the marriage, it might be she wants attention and your not giving it to her or not giving her enough, she might feel that you don't love her anymore or she's not active any more to you and she trying to pick a fight, all you need to do is sit down and have a heart to heart conversation and let her know you are not cheating and you love her and always will and your not interested in any other woman other then her, and thats they way it will always be.
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Insecurity is hard to remove,so is jealousy,trust is an issue here,and maybe she's had this happen before or perhaps you have given an impression of cheating,whatever the case there is a trust factor involved and you can't by any means give her the assumption that you are looking to replace her,she needs reassurance,more of the I love you,more affection,there was no statement as to when this happened,think back was it something she saw you do?hug the neighbor?,show more attention to another woman more than you do to her? All these things will cause doubts to rise in her mind,handle with care this can be an explosive thing if it is not put to rest.been there.
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she seems to have a problem with jealousy, so I would make sure you are never alone with any other women- don't give her a reason to be suspicious.  and make sure you are giving her lots of love and attention.  some women need tis reassurance of the husband's love and devotion more than others, but all women need to feel secure and loved in their marriage.  God bless
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You are not alone in this. My wife has been doing the same thing to me lately. I do nothing but give her attention and tell her I lover her at least 10 time a day. I help around the house with dishes and laundry and never complain about it. Yet at least once a week there is a question or accusation of me doing something other than going to work. So, the only conclusion I can make is that she is looking to find fault in me to justify something she has either done or is doing.
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Maybe she feels that you are treating her differently. Maybe you don't pay as much attention to her as you used to. Even if you are still acting the same toward her, she might perceive it to be differently, and think you might be interested in someone else. Ask her why she thinks you have cheated on her.. You need to talk this out with her and ease her fears. Just because she's accused you, does not mean that she has cheated, it means shes afraid shes losing you.
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Yeah, she may have or may be cheating!! But then again don't assume anything without asking first!
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She's crazy. Run like hell! You don't want this kind of relationship. The accusations will never end. You could be watching television and be accused of doing something wrong. There is no need to reassure her because she is CRAZY!!! If you kiss her ass, then it will get worse. She will say you must be cheating because you are being nice. If you argue in defense of yourself she will say you must be cheating or you wouldn't get so mad. You can't win. So all these women's answers are BS! There is only one thing you can do. I bet if you actually cheated she would beg you to take her back! Don't do it. Just walk away! Don't look back. My wife thinks I am cheating right now because I am posting this. I wish I was cheating because at least then I wouldn't have to argue with her every day! She's nuts!

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It is possible that she has already cheated, but it doesn't really mean it. She may have heard a few rumors. Why don't you two get a lie detector test before coming to any conclusions.
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The only way for you to end this is by spending more tome together so it's your choice
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The only way for you to end this is by spending more tome together so it's your choice

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