My Wife Is Constantly Admiring Other Men, Is That Unfaithfullness?


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Only if she's trying to tick you off. My Husband looks all the time at women. No big deal. Maybe she's trying to get you to exercise or dress differently. Ask her.
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Maybe she just finds them attractive. I'm in love with my man, So in love and I look at other men sometimes. I don't want them it's natural to look at attractive people. Most people say that men always look, but honestly women always look too, we are just better at hiding it, usually. We are just as sexual, it just comes off differently. Have you ever looked at another woman?
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If your wife is constantly admiring other men then there is a problem. You should really sit down and have a heart to heart with her and ask if she enjoys being married or would she rather be divorced and free to admire whoever she wants. Looking and admiring is two different things and two levels of respect factor for your spouse.
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It sure can be or not. If you ask her why she is looking at other men and answers you honestly or to say they are attractive, than I would say no. But if she becomes irritated when you ask her about it, then I would say yes. I catch myself looking at women all the time and will tell my wife that I did even if she wasn't with me, but you have to truly love your spouse. Always be honest, if they are not..... You can still hold you head up because you are not a lie or a cheat
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Wife or your husband? Everyone does it due to unsatisfied hunger and in search of something different from mediocre?

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Do you consider her actions to be "disloyal, treacherous or insincere?" Or "engaging in sexual relations with another other?"

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There is looking and LOOKING!  If she looks at another man and comments “you’d look good wearing that suit!” That is looking.  If she looks at other men like a hungry beast looking at her next meal, that is LOOKING!  The first one is ok, the second one is more than likely bad.  The second LOOKING is some who is about to cut a young stallion from the herd for a wild ride!

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My wife did that ..found out she was looking for sex caught her in a mcdonald bathroom
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Admiring others in not a signal of unfaithfulness. If you do the same does it mean the same.

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