My Wife Wants Other Men, Is That Ok?


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If my husband wanted other women I would make it quite clear that he could look but if he touched then he would be heading to the divorce court.
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As you wish.
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You shouldn't agree if you treasure your wife. Why would you want to share your treasure with another man?
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If you want to watch your wife having sex with other men, then what did you marry her for?  Be a man, tell her "NO"...
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Id say noway if shes wanting other men now imagine 2-5yrs from now she might just act on it. In my real oppinion I understand why marrage came about I just don't know why ppl are still doing it. I forget the percentage but its somethin like 60-75% of married cuples divorce in the first 5yrs now a days it seems ppl just don't care or have time to fix that sacred bond n vows they took. Yes its a magical thing but I think many ppl under estimate the time n comitment it takes to make it work its a big BIG commitment its no longer your needs its the needs that are best for both you and the familly. And if before getting engaged shes checkin out men and or wants other men then maybe you should take more time n look at your situation differently. Good luck pal
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I would have to say that if a married man or woman told their spouse they wanted to be with other men or women that is not a good sign. Marriage is suppose to be between a husband and a wife. A meaning one of each. Ask her if this is her way of saying she wants a divorce because it sounds like it. She has to be out of her mind to tell you that. Do you really have to ask someone else to answer that for you? So my final answer would have to be NO.
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The fact that you are asking," Is that O.K.? " makes me think you are at least considering it on some level. Do you get along with her in all aspects of your relationship with her? Do you argue and fight with each other? Maybe she just wants a little variety when it comes to dating other guys and if it's only for " sexual variety " and not because you don't get along in other ways- could you handle it? How many guys out there love your wife or girlfriend and would not ever want to leave her but wouldn't mind a new partner for hot, steamy sex once in a while? Can us guys condemn a woman for wanting a little variety as well?
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What the heck no, maybe she isn't satisfied with you. In that case you two need to have a talk before that situation gets out of hand

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