My Wife Doesn't Want To Live With Me, She's Living With Another Man But Every Time She Has A Problem, (money, Paper Work, Job, Etc.) She Comes To Me For Help. Obviously, The Jerk Plays Game With Her. How Can I Bring Her Back?


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You might not think nicely of me here, but hear me out please! The best thing you can do for her right now, is to cut her off from any assistance from you. She is using your love for her to get things she wants even though she wants to be with the other man.
If she finds out that you aren't going to support her, NO MATTER HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT HER, she is going to start to think about what choice she is making!
Let her figure out for herself that the other guy isn't going to be there for her, and take your time in telling her that you want her back. Make her think that you don't, because of the situation.
Give it quite some time, and after a while, make sure that if you do really want her back, that she isn't going to talk to, contact in any way, or look in the direction of the other man.
Stress how serious you are about all of it, and let her choose. If she should decide not to come back to you, you really should let her go, because at this point in time, if she did you would resent everything!
You would hold a resentment, and throw cross words at her, and vise-versa, and the marriage would deteriorate anyway. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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I think you just need to sit down and have a serious talk with her, it is obvious you care about her but you need to know how she really feels about you... You can't make people love you want to be with you etc. So just call her and let her know you really need to talk to her about some things. Let her know she needs to figure out what she wants and that this is hurting you.
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Lynne Fackler answered
Because you are the safe place.
I think she's at that funky stage and play in life-unsettled?? But she has you on the back burner ( in the back of her mind she knows your stable, together, safe, caregiver, love her and she trust you.
She sounds like she is in not sure she wants to really leave you completely.

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