Why Do Men Not Want Their Wives To Have Friends ?


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Many men don't want their girlfriends or wives to have friends because they are afraid that your friends can influence you to be more independent and then they can't control you in the same manner as being isolated and alone.
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Men are just control freaks. As long as you keep his family as close friends no one else matters. He wants to have all the friends in the world. When my husband and I go out as long as its with his friends and their girls (that they switch every week) everything is good. I do not have friends-no one to go shopping with, no one to call when I have a problem. He gets angry because he says I act more like a good friend than a mother to my girls. My girls and I are very close and he doesn't like that. His sister and his mom are very close but that's o.k. Beware of relationships like this. You should be able to have your own set of friends no matter what. You also have to make your own decisions as to if you have a good friend or not
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Its all about trust. If my wife wants friends ,male or female from work, then thats fine by me. I havent always been that way. When I was first getting to know her some of her friends didnt like me, nor I them. I didnt particularly like how they would go out of their way to break us up. Its not a written law ,that because I like a girl that I have to get on with her friends, but it helps. So , while we were first getting to really know each other we both saw less of our mates and spent more time together. This in my opinion is the right thing to do because if you marry your partner should be your best friend. If one of your friends does not like your partner then I think you need to make a choice for it just wont work. Imagine there was a girl you loathed at school or worked with, and one day your husband introduces you to her as a good friend of his. This girl may also have a bad rep with men etc. Are you going to be comfortable with that and say nothing. So its not just a black and white issue. How do you think it was for my wife marrying me, a male nurse whos friends are about 90%female. Whats worse is that a lot of them were ex girlfriends. Unavoidable when you are living in with 15 fellows in one hostel and 200 girls in the rest. I could see she felt a bit uncomfortable so I made the adjustment by hanging out less and less with my friends. So it works both ways. Remember, most unmarried friends will be wanting to go out looking for partners of their own. Wait and see how much time they give you when they find mr. Right.
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He says I do not mind,  or stop you from going out , But then ask where I going and who with how long ill be and what time I'm come home, then says you only went out the other day . Your always going shopping , here there and every where , which then makes me feel gilty iv been out ha . Is that why he does it .I feel like I not have a mind of my own or a life that I have control over, just one that just one he gradually taken control of over ,over the years.we have been together. I have very little what I call very good freinds . Why ?  When I have a family do I feel so alone. Been together fron aged 18 together 26.years  before we had the children and we live together my freinds use to say is he at work before they came round because they felt they was not wanted there. After so long we are now arguing because I'm trying to take back some control in my own home and the decisions I make.
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Men who control, are not men, they lack manliness, that is why they feel the need to control their woman, children, and even pets at times! The answer is stand up for yourself, and do what makes you happy! Don't let any man intimidate or push you around! As long as hes fed, the house is clean, the kids are happy, you've done your womanly duties :) and if you want to be with your friend you should never feel guilty.
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Okay... Grace33, now you are talking business! This is a real dilemma the married women nowadays are facing. It is so annoying... Although I am not even married yet (he, he)!

The only reason that appears valid to my thoughts is that husbands are generally fearful and scared of the thoughts that wives may develop other sorts of immoral relationships with their friends. The problem arises when these men can't comprehend that many other relationships can exist between tow sexes. I have a guy friend since 13 years… this does not mean at all that there is something fishy between us. Thank God, my parents are all chilled about it! He is like a brother to me!

Another reason might be his being highly possessive about you! He might love you deeply from the core of his heart! Well, that is just a brighter side to ponder upon!
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Simple, because according to statistics 83% of married women have cheated, one way or another, on the husbands with someone who they claim to be their 'friend'. Do the research, then ask the questions.
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Men can sometimes be controlong, and once they have they don't want to let you go.They might be afraid you might get influenced, or that you might develop strong fillings for a male friend of yours.You should re-assure him that that won't happen
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May be because men don't want their wives to give time to some one else except them. At times men are possessive about these issues
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Because they are big babies and want all the attention..haha..at least that's how my husband is. No offence, guys! :)
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It's easy. According to a Barna* study, 83% of married women, who were survyed, claimed to have cheated on their husbands, in one way or another, with someone who they claimed was a 'friend'. With all the liberal agenda, it's all about me and i can do whatever i want, garbage that has flooded our society from desperate housewives to sex and the city it's no wonder men feel insecure. Do the research, then ask an intelligent question.
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I would like to know where those statistics come from, and what kind of cheating were they doing? Was it just in thought, or word & deed. The statistics I read said men admitted cheating 80% of the time, women also considered it but the actual number was like 40%
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They believe is thier friend that teaches them bad behavior and tempt them in oder not commit adultery.

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