Why Do Men Want To Have Sex Way More Than Women?


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I honestly don't believe your sex determines how much of a sexual drive someone has its down to the person male or female
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I think women may want it just as much or more, but a lot of women are shy or want to be persued rather than be the aggressor where as many men don't mind being the initiator.   I LOVE sex!  But I am one of those girls that are too shy or maybe even insecure about "asking" for it., I'd much rather have my guy  pounce & do me when he wants it, & I'd be lucky if it were all the time :D
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Jaimie JT answered

That's a myth . And that's all I have to say about that.

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April Victorine answered
Because guys have to have sex more often or they die, it's true I had a friend of a friend, who cousins friend died because they didn't have enough sex, LOL,LOL, just kidding, I couldn't help myself... I to agree with Ironicblis
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It is important for women not the number of sexual relations, but their quality. But I agree that men love casual sex more than women. Many men are clients of fast women. After sex for money, men feel more sexually satisfied. But there is an exception to the rule. Many women become sex workers, not only because of money. They like the process of sex itself when different men get the hand of a woman and enter into. You can find many women who really like to have sex by following this link

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Women want it just as much but just to ashamed to admit it unless its me who really badly wants sex!!!!!
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I agree with Ironicblis. I think that a persons sex drive is not determined by being male or female, but  by testosterone and estrogene levels.

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