Why Do Women Lose Interest In Sex Quicker Than Men?


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Personally I have a female friend that is a sex fanatic and she has been with her other half for a 1yr and a half and obviously he loves it and wouldn't swap it for anything else! She always has a high self esteem most of the time, but when it lowers for some reason like when she had a baby 2mths ago her sex drive drops dramatically, and obviously this has a large effect on her. She has told me that it is a vicious circle, being that she thinks she isn't as good as most women out there and that her hubby can get better then her, but at the same time she would kill anyone that would try and take her hubby away (those are her words)! So in the long run I think a lot of it is self esteem and a lot of us women compare ourselves to other women, the stupid magazines that are brought out and also the stars! Women have very high expectations of themselves unlike most men and if we don't live up to these expectations there are a lot of repurcussions! Personally that is my opinion and what I have studied in psychology!
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I believe that we are a mind a spirit and a body, :) with me so far, and the body is a wonderful chemical system that has effects that only a God could have developed and I believed this creator mixed a very interesting formula with the production of life in mind. To make things even more difficult there is a mind full of experiences...good and bad. Now in this wonderful filing system in the brain stored perfectly, well at least most of the time is everything from the day DOT.
Now the problem "could" be a slightly disturbed mix in the chemicals OR did he make a fatal mistake and came to bed smelling YUCK !! And the good old brain cell filing system remembered a similar experience in your childhood that you have forgotten all about...but the filing system didn't forget enter the sensation called withdrawl of feelings. In the male Testostrone powers past ALL memories and has no conscience it is all about results at any cost once the steam is up and firing.

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I believe that women as they get older get into a self loathing period in there life....where there not happy with there self so they steer away from pleasure...such as but not limited to sex.....not all women lose interest in sex...some seem to get more of a sex drive then men but think at there age they shouldn't so they hide it away.....plus I also believe that it also depends on how there mother felt about sex...for instance if there mother thought sex was dirty or just to pleasure men then they would have a low opinion about sex too...but if there mother taught them that sex was a way to pleasure each other then they might feel different about it.....
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You have a kid come threw that and keep your nerves straight . A lot of time a guy will say its way to loose now and the guy likes a tight fit to get his flower spuirting

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