How Often Should A Woman Have Sex?


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The correct answer to this question is 'as often as she feels comfortable with'. Having intercourse just to meet some sort of social expectation about how much sex someone should be having isn't very sexy, and can actually have a negative impact on your health.

Whilst I feel it's important to be in touch with your sexual-side, I'd definitely say that good sex once in a while is much better than lots of bad sex.

What effects how often people have sex?

The main factor that seems to have an impact, according to statistics on the frequency of sex, is whether a person is in a relationship or not. Finding a partner who understands and connects with you on a sexual level will obviously have a big influence on how often you have sex.

On the other hand, it seems that the status of a relationship can also have an effect on the amount of sex someone is likely to have. Married people tend to have different sexual patterns than couples who haven't 'tied the knot'. Age is a third factor that has an impact on sexual trends.

How often do people have sex?

Broken down by age, this is how many times people report having sex:
  • 18-29: 112 times a year (every 3.2 days)
  • 30-39: 86 times a year (every 4.2 days)
  • 40-49: 69 times a year (every 5.2 days)
According to the Kinsey Survey, this is how much sex unmarried women are having:
  • 32% said they hadn't had sex in a year
  • 23% reported having sex 'only a few times' a year
  • 24% said they'd had sex several times a moth
  • 15% said they enjoyed sex 2-3 times a week
  • 5% of women with a particularly high libido indicated having sex more than 4 times a week
Married women indicated that there was a notable difference in the amount of sex they were having, with the following statistics relating to their demographic:
  • 3% hadn't had sex all year
  • 12% only had sex a few times year
  • 47% said they had sex a few times a month
  • 32% reported having sex 2-3 times a week
  • 7% indicated having sex more than 4 times a week

Whilst these statistics can be helpful in providing information on sexuality and socio-sexual trends, it is important to remember that they in no way represent any ideals or 'targets' that you should be comparing yourself to.
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Alison Baillie answered
As often as she wants. Every woman is different in their need for sex. Some just aren't interested, some want it lots. If you want it more than your partner does you are in for a miserable time!
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A women can have sex as often as she wants without harm to her body. If you feel a bit dry, make sure to have a feminine lubricant near by.
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Your sex needs determine how much you want it. If you can handle it daily I say go for it. If I could I surely would go seven days a week , maybe five out of courtesy for my husband. He needs a break. Good luck.

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