Why Is Sex Important To Human Being?


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Sex is a natural phenomenon for normal and physically fit human beings. No human being can avoid sex throughout his or her life. Only abnormal and physically unfit people may be able to pass their whole life without sex. So far your question that is sex necessary for human beings can be answered in the following terms.
God has sent man on earth with a particular reason and purpose. Man has been sent on earth to obey rules and regulations set by God and he is bound to act in the same way and manner. Sex is among one of the rules set by God. To create new human beings sex between man and woman is essential because without sex no man or woman can be created. It is a natural system and we cannot change it at all. For this purpose God has made the system of marriage between man and woman. Though human beings go on trying to use sex in some wrong methods but it is not at all permitted or liked. We can simply say sex is very necessary for human beings for the creation of next generation as well as keeping both men and women intact to each other.
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Sex is a natural instinct and it cannot be curbed for long. Without sex, life would be quite mundane and stressful. Even if people are not lucky enough to make love, they will probably indulge in fantasizing. Everybody has desires and they cannot be repressed.
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To be a perfect human being... sex makes a human being perfect - both physically and mentally.
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As long as a safety valve is important for any pressure vessel , sex is also important for any human being!
If the valve operates when the vessel is overpressurised it would not explode or burst otherwise it might cause a catastrophe.If sex could not be handled in its appropriate manner it would cause a human being to burst either mentally or physically.
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Yes sex is essential for human beings as it relives our stress, increase our self confidence and develops our immune system. But it should be in a limited and proper manner .
It always keeps you fresh !
And its like a one of the rules of god . So a woman and a man marry . And without sex, the future generation cannot be generated .
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Sex is some fun thing for us. Some people think sex is bad but if you use it safely you will have good  shape
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Sex will change your life once you have it but, boy it release power to see what it is in life you really want
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Well, it's technically not needed unless a man & woman would want a pregnancy. Sex is mostly used for pregnancy or for absurd social sexuality. For me, I want to stay a virgin & adopt a child. You don't need sex in your life if you don't want to. Sex may spread diseases throughout the body such as STDs coming from the vaginal area. Sex MUST be done wisely. In my opinion, you should be married before you do any sexual contact. But, sex shouldn't be done repeatedly. This is personification, so I'll say that sex shouldn't be the 1st most important kind of contact in your life.  I hope this helps! :D

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It is NOT necessary for people b/c there are plenty of HAPPY old maids!! But sex is necessary for procreation. Wouldn't be much fun without sex b/c then no one would exist to pester the other!!

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