Why Marriage Is Important For A Human, Especially Girls?


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Marriage isn't only about the man and wife but it is about the family if you get married then you can take care of your family , your parents and your siblings if necessary. But if you don't get married you will always be thinking about yourself and looking after your self . And humans do need some company in their life other wise they will go mad trust me! Ive done that

s for middle eastern girls is not that she needs a man to spend her life for her is that she needs someone to look after defend her and protect her. She wont be able to defend herself if a man ten times her size came marching through the door she wont have the strength as for a man he has more strength then women so he will be able to protect her.
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Yes .I agree with the fact that marriage is very important in a woman or  a man's life!!!
I personally feel the most important things a marriage should be able to provide is life long companionship,love  & affection and of course the physical needs...I have always wondered about this...What happens to those women or men who are just not lucky in relationships (the feeling some ppl get due to break ups in the past)and there comes a point in their lives where they are scared to enter any new relationship , due to the fear of failure.....How do such people lead their lives????How should a person live in such a case???
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The ultimate result of a relation between man and woman is marriage. Though the word marriage sounds easy but it means to handle or adopt a great deal of responsibility for the rest of life. Men are usually not very keen when they have relations with different girls in their youth because they take as a fun. Now we come to your question that why do girls only insist more on marriage after developing relations with boys can be explained in the following way.

Girls after having relations with boys insist on marriage because they find security in this and so that there partner stops flirting with other girls. The girls usually have the habit to stick to one partner at a time while the boys have different attitude and like to have affairs with different girls at a time. The girls like to have their own home after marriage where they could rule independently with one man as their husband. This is only the contrast of nature of men and women as men have carefree nature while women are always serious in their relations.
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If we talk generally then, there is no need of marriage for any one. Every person can live their life happily and alone or with someone whom you love, but don't marry.
But marriage is a sort of promise which two persons do with each other, to live whole life with each other, with love and affection. It binds two people in a relationship, so they think well before, taking any sort of decisions like leaving each other.

If two people will not marry with each other and just spend life together then they are named by girlfriend and boyfriend. Which is not a powerful relationship, this relationship can be split any time.
If someone thinks that, he/she don't need anyone in their life and can spend life alone without marriage then, that person is totally wrong. Because it is the need of our body and mind that, we need someone to fulfill our desire and needs. And without marriage it creates so many problems.

As for as the girls marriage is concern then it is also important like a guy marriage but, in eastern country girl marriage is so much important because there is the male dominant society. A girl can't live alone; she must need a male for spending her life.
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Marriage is important for Christians because it’s a time when a certain couple think they are ready to handle a new life. Marriage makes life a lot easier as you have support from your partner for every decision you make; you get to share special times with each other and most of all you can start a new life. However when you get married you have to make sure that you choose the right partner because it is a very important decision which most of your life depends

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