Is Engagement Important Before Marriage?


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When human beings make relations with each other, they set some rules and regulations to give strength to these relations so that these relations may last forever. There are many different customs and traditions in different countries of the world to develop these relations. So far your question that is engagement important before marriage can be answered in the following way.

Engagement is a sort of commitment between a man and a woman that they will get married in future. Both the parties commit to develop this relation and judge each other during the time, which is taken between engagement and marriage. Suppose there is a time of one year between engagement and marriage, both the parties has enough time to make a clear judgement about each other and go for a right decision of marriage. In case there is a conflict both parties have the right to break this relation and go for another one because after marriage such decisions are difficult to do. In my opinion engagement is important before marriage for making a right decision of future marital life.
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Engagement is important before marriage. It plays an important role before and after marriage as well. Look, you don't know the person you are going to marry. It is not like your parents are going to insist you to get married. If you think that the guy is okay for you then just say YES. then you would be able to go for this option easily. Engagement will obviously make your task easy. You will be able to make acquaintance with the opposite person. This would be a direction to your marital life. You will be successful if you think that you can manage with this guy.
You will learn about his habits and attitudes. You will come to know about his likes and dislikes. You would be able to elucidate yourself. This will help the opposite person to admit your presence and your status as well. Then he will take you too seriously. You will come to know that what good affinities you people have. You will also come to know that what you have to do for compromising. What sorts of compromises are the needs of the day? This will provide you're a streamline.
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Thats crap. People can hide a world of things from anyone not living with them. I've lived with women, been married to 4 and in all cases there were still surprises. Wedding engagements were invented by wedding and diamond merchants. A pure scam. I have a sister in law that has been engaged more times than I can count. It's a family joke. You either know the person at the time of the proposal or not. No "engagement period" is going to change things, if it does, the yes was premature.
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Engagement plays a very important role in starting a married life between two persons. Marriage is bond of that relation, and for that reason its value is more important than other relations. There are many cultures in the world which have different marriage values and customs, those cultures in which bride and groom chosen by their self to bond their selves in relation of marriage ,engagement doesn't play much of a role but where there arranged marriages are available, engagement plays a important role to live after marriage life without problems.
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Disagree. Sometimes people know (not as used in the bible!) one another for years and years, for example childhood sweethearts, or older folk may have known one another for years either at work or socially. Of course some cultures are different. For example a British office girl/typist with Italian ancestry could only go on dates if her brother came as a chaperone! When she did eventually marry it was an arranged marriage to a man from Italy. The strangest but true story involved a television cameraman at Pebble Mill, Birmingham. One day he decided to get married so in the morning he proposed to a female colleague who said no. The next said maybe I'll have to think about it and the third said yes. In the afternoon number two said "I've thought about what you said and the answer is yes". Sorry you're too late said the cameraman! It just goes to show that there's not as queer as folk. (by the way it only lasted a couple of years) One other thing, long engagements don't guarantee everlasting bliss, and I have known of quite a few sham marriages where the woman "doesn't want any of that nonsense anymore". So much depends on what is socially acceptable and these days in the UK a lot of people live together and only marry when children arrive! Quite a lot of women don't marry at all and have several children by different fathers! No wonder there is so much yobbery nowadays; boys especially need fathers to give them discipline and character building. With the financial quagmire involved in divorce (lawyers never want it to be amicable for obvious reasons) marriage is a risky business. Good luck anyway.
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Yes,it is important that you come to know about your partner before the marriage because all the religions give us this rights to look towards your partner at least one time.From this you will come to know about her beauty and her character etc,So in my opinion as being a Muslim person an engagement give you happy life.
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Engagement is not necessary for marriage but it provides a chance to develop understanding between couple. Engagement is just like an agreement between two people to marry and spend life together. It plays a good role to know each other. But in some cases parent engage the two people and restrict to talk and meetings then there is no benefit of engagement .It is better to provide them chance to share their thoughts with each other so they can prepare themselves for each other.

Engagement plays an important role to develop a good feelings and emotion for other person. When couple exchanges their thought they know about the likes and dislike of each other. So they can make a good change in their life to adjust and spend a happy life. Engagement awakes all the sensations and passion between two people. It also awakes the excitement and extreme love between both partners.

But it cannot be said that engagement is necessary for marriage or for happy life. If a person marries without engagement it can live happy. Engagement is not a parameter for marriage and happy life.
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Yes, because through the engagement is when all the excitement starts.That's when you begin to plan for your wedding and doing all that kind of stuff.I think it is also very important to the female that way she can feel a little special for that day to come.
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It depends on your own beliefs and values and what is important to you but I believe the period of engagement gives a couple an opportunity to learn a lot of things about each other as a couple that they wouldn't know if they rushed into the marriage without it.
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Personally engagement is not important , my husband and I have been married 22 years and never engaged, it really is a personal preference , engagement does not guarantee anything, just like a marriage license doesn't guarantee you'll be married forever.It's what's inside that counts what your made of and accepting that person for what he or she is and to be honest with each other as well as be friends so that you can tell ( not yell ) each other what upsets you even if it's about each other or family , friends etc , always remember no two people are alike and respect them and their feelings even if you don't agree they as well as you have a right to your own thoughts and feelings. After all you don't really want a carbon copy of yourself to spend your life with now.
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Engagement is Important before marriage depends on the person and his preferences. If someone believes that it is satisfying to be engaged as it ensures as your fiancee to whom you love a lot. Of other side it is valid that it doesn't guarantee your relationship as a glue. All over its the personal satisfaction for future life and nothing more.
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Engagements do offer a glimpse at who the other person is but it is just that, a glimpse. You really get to know the person once you marry. I've always thought it is better to know what your going to get into before you make any comments. With that said It's still a chance one takes hopefully it's the right one.
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There're many different ideas of engagement,anyway engagement is good but not important,as we can marry without doing it before, but engagement let we have more time to understand each other and the time like preparing marrying etc,before doing it and the main function is to understand each other, help each other and establish the good relationship between each other.
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Engagement is not very important. But it may have very pleasant effect after marriage. The person who is engaged to someone may remain in contact with that person. It will enable both to understand one another, to know the likes and dislikes of one another .By discussing at different issues they can prepare themselves to live their lives best after marriage. They may preplan what to do and what to avoid keeping the opposite person happy. I think if someone take it seriously, it may lead to a successful life after marriage.
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No, it really isn't ,as long as you take and make the time to get to know each other an engagement ring doesn't guarantee how long you'll be married, only your computability with each other does that.
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Yes, engagement is important before marriage because it gives a couple the time to think if that's what they really want before they make it step to the life time commitment
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Yes, engagement is important before marriage because you have to see what that person dose that you can't do.
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I think it is not very much important. The important thing is that your partner should know about you and your liking or disliking, your level of understanding .If you have engaged to someone then you can judge yourself whether you have choose the right partner or not.
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No.I beleive that engagement should not be preferred.It is like a binding that has no legal background that the other person will surely marry.One should prefer direct marriage.Engagement is also bad because people break it very easily.
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I think it's something nice to have, but pointless. There is no guarantee in anything. Usually engagement is a tie down (especially in our Asian culture) when couples have an issue with trust. They want to secure themselves, as everyone seems very insecure nowadays - influenced by the influx of divorce rates. Engagement is good if it is within a 6 month period of your wedding. As some of you have suggested, it is a time when you see each other through the prepartory stages of marriage (even that can be stressful too!). Before engagement/marriage, is already the period that the couple is to know each other well enough, to agree that they want this life with each other. Engagement does not enhance love, as the love grows each other, even after marriage! Nothing's mundane. Good luck to all soon-to-be-weds! I will soon be too!
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Engagement before marriage is important because this gives a chance to know each other very well before performing marriage.

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