How Much Will It Cost For An Engagement Gift?


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An engagement gift is generally given as a token of congratulation and is a precursor to the wedding gift which is on a more formidable scale. In financial terms if an engagement gift costs $50 or so a wedding gift would cost about $100; an engagement gift is less informal and personal as compared to wedding gifts which are more traditional and formula based.

One could give something practical like an accessory; if one is a close acquaintance of the bride or groom one can also research on personal likes and accordingly plan the gift to be given for example to a movie fan a couple of DVD's of her/ his favorite films. Some other ideas for engagement gifts are candles and candle holders, albums, pen sets, centerpieces and ornamental figurines, purses and bags.

For grooms wishing to present the bride to be the traditional diamond wedding ring it would cost anywhere from between $500 to $2000.
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