What Gift Is The Best To Give My Girlfriend On Christmas?


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Buying a Christmas present for your girlfriend is very important. It's basically like a festive test on how much you know and love your girlfriend. If you don't want to screw it up, keep reading.

What to buy my girlfriend for ChristmasIt's approaching Christmas, you still haven't bought your girlfriend a Christmas present, but you're quite relaxed and confident that you'll find the right gift any time now... WRONG APPROACH!

Women read into gifts A LOT, especially when they are from a boyfriend!
You're basically being asked to sum up all your thoughts and feelings about the relationship in one reasonably priced gesture (that can be delivered before the 24th of December). There are three questions a women will be asking themselves when they see the gift you've chosen:
  • Does he really know me?
  • What does this say about our relationship?
  • Does he actually love me or is he going to leave me for that 'treadmill woman' at the gym that he keeps joking about to all his friends?
Whilst it's difficult to suggest the perfect gift without an in-depth profile of your girlfriend, here's some tips and suggestions that'll make sure you're at least hit close to the mark:

What should I get her for Xmas? The 'does he really know me' part is the first question you should be thinking about. What you should have done (some time around April or May) is to have written down every material possession your girlfriend has ever mentioned wanting. Then you could have picked something off that list and used the line 'I remembered that you said you wanted that back in...' This approach works most of the time, but it may be a little late for that now. Instead, you could use something like her MySpace profile info (she can't have updated that any time after 2003) or some other source of information (maybe even your own memory) to pick out an obscure gift that you know she'll love.

Things to watch out for when picking a gift The questions 'what does this say about our relationship?' and 'does he really love me?' should be approached like a minefield when it comes to picking out Christmas gifts. You need to consider these questions to get through to the other side, but make a wrong move and you risk spending Boxing Day limbless.
A good way to quantify this question is simply the price of the gift. Getting something too cheap for a long term or serious girlfriend is a really bad idea.
On the other hand, showering a girlfriend you've been going out with for three weeks with diamonds will make you look either desperate or insecure.

Finally, if you've read this far and still don't have an inkling what to get her - just get jewellery.
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My opinion is that it depends on how long you have been in the relationship. For instance a ring on Christmas after only being together only a few months is not appropriate and might send the wrong message too soon. A watch or jewelry would be better.
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I think that the best gift you could give your girlfriend would be to take her somewhere like the Ballet or book tickets to a concert.

Spending time with her doing something that she likes will be remembered forever.

The tickets themselves could be given as a gift or an internet printout or you could just write it in a card.
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You can give it whatever she likes on that day. As you are a boyfriend of her then you might be know her choice. Apart from this, you can give her perfumes,chocolates,flowers,jewelry,personalised gift,spa basket,gift basket  etc. On the Christmas

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There is no absolute 'best gift' to give your girlfriend on Christmas Day apart from one which has been chosen carefully, with (hopefully) love and attention to her tastes and preferences.
Some women like perfume or jewellery, remember if you are looking for jewellery try to find out if she likes silver or gold jewellery or even white gold jewellery.
If you are choosing earrings, try to find out if she has an allergy to any metals, for example, some women can only wear gold earrings etc.
A book or clothes may also be acceptable, but if buying clothes make sure that you get the right size.
Lingerie is usually considered by women to be slightly naff for Christmas and men usually buy what they like, not necessarily what she would wish to wear, so unless you are very close, steer away from this.

Top Tip:
On a pessimistic note it is usually worth keeping the receipt so that if she doesn't like your gift she can exchange it later. Not very romantic, but extremely practical!
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Find a great gift idea that gives a memorable experience and relaxation, and a spa gift vouchers will be the best gift I am referring. Aside from a  day of pampering and refreshment, they will also give a fun deals like a luxury accommodation and a best spa and massage services at choice.
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You may want to consider giving her a spa gift basket. Nothing beats a soothing and luxurious spa sanctuary to unwind and let the outside world just drift away. This blissful basket for woman has it all... Add some woman's serenity bath & body oil to the warm water, step into the tub, relax, and let her breathe in the aroma and enjoy this calming and uplifting effect. I'm sure she will truly love this!
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Girls know what girls want.
They want anything cute to go with their outfits and HELLO jewelry!!
Anything diamond and real would do.
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Is it your girlfriend or grandfather to whom you want to give a gift?

Whether it's your girlfriend or grandfather - and I think it's the former (?) the best gift is your time and affection.

It's a great time to tell people how much you care and set the stage for a great New Year.

Without knowing your girlfriend it's difficult to answer your question!
You could bring the conversation round to what sort of things she really likes and of course dependent on the cost get her one of the things she mentions.
You might be thinking of something that you think she wants rather than what she really wants, this can lead to problems.
Most girls and women love perfume, but make sure you know her preferences here. Clotes are tricky too.
Why don't you suggest a shopping trip with her and wander with your eyes and ears open.
Good Luck
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Find what you girlfriend likes and then find that item or something close to it that is in your price range
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It depends on how involved you are with her. And what kind of person she it...But LOVE is always the best present to give

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