What Is Wrong With Oral Sex Before Marriage?


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Oral sex is a form of sex. Well I am of the belief that sex is for marriage and that would include any sensual or sex-like act. It's all tied together. When you engage in any activity that is of a sexual nature with someone, you are now tied to them emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is hard to break from that. There are so many emotions involved with sex as well. Sex is a beautiful thing and has to be taken seriously. Sex is not something that should be treated casually.

If you've reached the point of having oral sex, you are only one step away from having sex with that person. If you're not ready for that but you're both caught up in it, he may not listen to you when you say no. The sex drive at that time is very strong. There are also possibilities that you could get pregnant if things go further than what you thought, which is very possible.

If your partner has been sexually active he may have a sexually transmitted disease and that can be passed through oral sex, especially if there are cuts or bruises in the lips or genital organs. Life isn't perfect but you deserve better than a little fun on the side risking your health and emotional wellness. You deserve someone who is going to love you through the whole sexual process. Hopefully that will be your husband. Sex is a precious gift from God. Remember that. You are precious too.... because God made you.
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Thanks a lot:-)
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??? God??? "Sex is a precious gift from God"???.
Don't tell me you have your ovn version of the Bible???!!!
Go and read a notmal bible. about how life began according to the bible. read about Adam and Eve about the tree and the apple and the snake. The clear picture in that story is that god never wanted sex. Unless what your saying is that the story is false. which would mean that the Bible has lies in it. And what more lies could there be.
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Sex is better with someone you love. Waiting until marriage is not necessary, though if you believe it is then go with what you believe. If you are engaged to this person, then perhaps oral sex would be a nice/romantic/exciting idea as a lead up to the first honeymoon night. I advise getting to know your partner at least a little sexually. I understand that it is a strong Christian belief that sex before marriage is morally wrong, but what a lot of people won't tell you is how painful the first time is for a woman. At least if a woman is used to being touched (sexually) by her husband prior to the honeymoon she will not tense up and tighten her vaginal muscles in the process, causing a lot of pain and trauma. I'm sure you wouldn't want to start married life feeling like you just caused your wife a lot of pain/trauma.
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I don't believe in not having sex until you are married. But I do believe that you should not have sex with some one you do not love and who does not love you back. I understand it may be hard to tell if some one loves you back or not or if you really love them but that is up to you.

I also believe that if some one believes in not having sex before marriage that would definitely include oral sex as well. Your cheating if you have oral sex and don't believe in sex before marriage.

"Well I am of the belief that sex is for marriage and that would include any sensual or sex-like act."
Even kissing can be very sensual and even sex like .

With or with out sex if you fall in love and that person leaves you its still going to hurt.
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Absolutely nothing, what's done between 2 consenting adults is their own business and no one else's. I realize the religious here would object, but to each his own. I can see no sense in a couple being sexually frustrated about it all & having to wait for the wedding night to have sex! But that's just my very liberal opinion!
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Nothing is wrong with oral sex, but I don't think that you should limit your sexual activity to just oral sex.

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