Is Premarital Sex Wrong?


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That depends on what you believe and what you feel is right for you. One thing I will say, sex can connect you with a person on very deep levels. There is more to it than physical gratification. When you decide you're ready to take that step, you also need to be ready for all of the emotional aspects that come with it as well. I don't recommend casual sex. Speaking from experience, it's 100 times better with someone you love than with someone you simply find attractive.

(And I know where you're coming father was a pastor. It's confusing growing up being taught one thing, shown another and not being exactly sure what you should believe is true)
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This is a retired teacher who is also a Christ follower or Christian also. I believe it is important to wait until you are married. When someone has sex with another a bond is developed between them that is Biblical.. The Bible says they become one. If you do that with someone and that relationship ends and you do it again and again the bond weakens over time and it becomes harder to stay together. I believe if you pledge to wait until marriage you will have a great blessing as my husband and I did. When you become a parent you will realize your parents were pretty smart after all. I believe by asking this question you already have some kind of conviction to listen to you parents. Save the virginity for a wonderful gift for your husband.
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Well, Nobody can honestly answer that Question for you!! It's all on your views and how you feel... But remember once your old enough to have sex your old enough to have a baby!!! So be safe!!

My High school sweet heart and I didn't wait til we were married and we ended up pregnant when I was 17.. So if your in High-school you should either wait or play it safe!!
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This one is entirely up to you. Many guys simply will not wait that long. I wish that I could say that I had waited but in some ways I'm glad I didn't.
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I am bringing the point of view of a progressive-minded woman from a different generation.  

I read your profile and you seem so young. The thought that you might not be serious about the consequences of what you want to do frightens me since having sex creates an emotional bond between two people. After you do it, there will be a change inside and outside of you.  It's like you lost your innocence.  It is not just an expression.  It's because the experience is emotionally intense.  This is for both boys and girls.  I think that is the reason why parents are doing their best to discourage young people from having sex at a very young age.  Once you've done it, the memory is always on your mind not only because you want to have more sex but because of the bond and closeness.  The couple gets closer to each other.  It is difficult to let go of each other.  So, make sure you and him are not being casual about it because if one of you is playing, somebody will feel used and hurt.

I know it is difficult to take your mind off sex these days when that is all you see on TV, magazines, movies.  It looks so easy.  It looks glamorous.  It seems so casual.  Everybody is doing it.  Why is that so?  Because the world is not interested what happens after the sex.   

In my generation, people marry in their 20s so they can wait to have sex.  But people nowadays marry late, or just decide to stay together.  So, the decision to have sex when you are not married is really a difficult decision to make.  It is up to you.  In my opinion, the religious side of the situation is what happens to you psychologically.   

If you ever decide to go ahead, take all the precaution against getting sexually transmitted disease, HIV, AIDS and pregnancy. Be smart about it.
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According to Christianity it is premarital sex is fornication and a sin. So if you are trying to live your life according to the Christian faith then yes, it is wrong.
Really, it is your choice. Everyone says that waiting for marriage is best and having sex with just anyone is bad. But really, speaking as a virgin, people don't understand how hard it is. Most boys do not want to wait until marriage, most boys find virgins annoying. I know personally when I conversate with guys about me being a virgin they say they wouldn't want to hold the responsibility of taking my virginity; I guess because they have to be so careful and gentle and worry about the girl. Seriously, doesn't that sound so shallow? Because really they only want virgins because they are brand new and ultra tight. Personally, the whole "give your husband the gift of your virginity" sounds 'wack' to me also. Why should I view my virginity as a gift to him when he probably has had sex with over a hundred girls in his lifetime? He didn't wait for me, why should I wait for him?
Still, if you decide to have sex, I'm sure you wouldn't regret it if you loved them and you knew they loved you. Make sure your ready whatever you decide. And check all the facts (testing, how he feels about you, condoms, etc)
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It's only wrong for someone if they're not emotionally and mentally ready for it. I have no problem with premarital sex, but i think it's best to wait till one is older. Teens and sex are not a good combination because most teens aren't emotionally mature enough to handle it.
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IT depends on the girl if she likes to have sex with the boy,..but it is bad says the bible,...

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