Is it okay to lose your virginity at 13? My boyfriend really wants to have sex with me, but I'm worried something will go wrong..


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Ok all of the other people who have commented are probably way older than you. I'm 13 too, and I found my self asking the same question recently, so I went to my bff who lost it really young, and she told me this;

ignoring the fact that it's illegal, you have to be ready for it. If you rush into something that you don't think your ready for, chances are you're not ready for it, and you'll get hurt. But if you do think you're ready, and you really love him, try and tell him that you don't want to. If he drops you, then you know he isn't worth it. If he still loves you, tell him ok and go for it. There shouldn't be an age limit on giving yourself to some one you love, but there is because of stupid girls and boys that get themselves/ partners pregnant before they can't handle a baby! So if you do decide to, make sure you use protection.
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Sarah Johnson
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You're right, all those people who are way older have never been there and don't know anything about it. I mean, how could they possibly think they could give an opinion.
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No it isn't and once you give it up, its gone forever and chances once he gets what he wants, he will drop you like most guys do so if in doubt don't do it as something will surely go wrong here so wait for a few more years, and don't let any guy force you into something you really don't want to as a real true BF would never hurry his GF into this
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13?!  No, it is not okay!  Seriously, you need to dump that boyfriend of yours.  He has absolutely no right to pressure you into having sex at your age.  You are not mature enough to handle the responsibility or the consequences.  You are wise to be worried.  What about AIDS or you getting pregnant.  Then, what?????  PLEASE!!! Think before you leap and have many regrets!!!
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There is a bond that happens when two people become intimately connected with each other. To have sex with someone that you are not planning on spending your life with is setting yourself up to be hurt in the end. Save it until you are in a relationship that you know is going to last. If he doesn't understand that than he is definately not someone you want to give yourself to. Besides all that, it's illegal for a reason. Not just because of the chances of immature people getting pregnant before they can handle it, but because of the psychological damage it can do to young people that didn't fully understand the impact that intimacy with another person would have on them.
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Sarah Johnson
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A guy might make all sorts of promises to you, but until he's made it at least a year to prove it, than you can't be 100% sure that he won't just walk out later on. You're worth the wait. If he doesn't think so than he's not the guy.
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If he has brough you a nice big basketful of expensive flowers and drives a Porsche, there is no chance at all he will walk out on you and cause you some psychological damage.
Sarah Johnson
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Oh definitely. I mean if he was just driving a Mustang than there's still a pretty good chance he'll walk out, but if it's a Porsche, than you're good to go. Lol
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It is against the law hunn... You shouldnt be pressured by
this boy and things could go wrong! If he does pressure you he could get I. Trouble and if you did agree to having sex. Even if you are both okay with it your parents could have him arrested!
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Lolll He isnt pressuring me , he asked me if i was ready.. I just wanted opinions.. And ive talked to my parents obviously they told me i wasnt ready but , i am... But ill wait a lil while.. Andd they wouldnt arrest him , they adore him lol
sammie lee
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Okay hun. If your ready its up to you :)
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No I really wouldn't! I gave into someone when I was 15. I'd been with him for over a year, and thought we were going to last. And then a few months later we broke up and it hurt a hell of a lot more than it would have if I hadn't shared so much of myself with him. Please don't give yourself to someone unless you are sure it will last.
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If you are educated, and you can make a mature decision, it is your right to. If you do not want to, if you don't think it's worth the risk or you don't trust him enough or etc., don't. If you meet these criteria it is perfectly ok if you are willing to make the risk. I wouldn't at 13 but that's me. If you're worried, say no and just wait!

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Okay I'm just a few years older than you and I know what it's like to be in your position and honestly theres no way I would ever expect anyone to wait till they are married but at least wait a few years and wait until they really love you and are willing to wait for you.
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Sarah Johnson
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Why is waiting such a horrible thing?
sam sta
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Well waiting isnt horrible waiting is great
id perfer ppl wait but i dont expect anyone to
it wud be great ppl did but i kno how temting it is
maya murry
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Well i like your opinion lol.. I mean waiting is difficult.. Like we are at the age to experience everythingg , so its difficult..
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You too young to do that. There a lot of things you can do aside of having sex with your boyfriend. My advice on you break your boyfriend.
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Never agree if you're under 18 and you're not married that means you can't have sex so Sammie lee is right it is against the law, so don't do it!!
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Forget this idea completely. You're under age how old is your Boyfriend is he older than you? You both could get into serious trouble if you do there is a risk of pregnancy and sti's if he wants to have sex with you how many times has this lad had sex with other girls? At 13 you are not mature enough to handle this what if something goes wrong can you imagine your parents faces if they find out that you had sex at 13 worse if you get pregnant. If you do have sex which I don't advise please go to a family planning clinic and discuss contraception. Please don't be pressured into this you have a right to say NO!!! I really advise against you having sex.

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