Lately Me And My Boyfriend Have Been Arguing A Lot. I'm A Bit Worried That He's Going To Dump Me. I Want To Make It Up To Him, But How?


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The best thing for you to do is remain confident. That is very important. That is what draws a guy to a young lady.  If you are showing that you might be a little insecure of his friendship with someone of the opposite sex then that may push him away.  Also, be guarded and try to not pick fights with him, but if he is picking fights with you then I would take that as a red flag. Always trust your gut instinct that if something looks or smelly fishy, then it probably is.  That is one instinct we have as women that is very strong and very rarely wrong.  TRUST IT! If you feel that he is being unfaithful, then you call the shots and tell him that you need a break.
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He may just be hanging out with her as a way of escaping the aggravation that results from your constant arguments.
Well, since he insists that he is just friends with her, you need to believe him and work something out that would reduce the frequency of your arguments.
While you're at it, get close to any of your male friends in your class or in your school or in your neighbourhood. Hang out with them innocently too and make sure he finds out. If he asks, tell him they are just friends. Out of pride or jealousy, he'd realise what he is doing and come running back to spend more time with you.
Even if he doesn't come running, you would have satisfied your conscience that you tried to make the relationship work and on the other hand did not go drooling in misery while he was having fun hanging out with a supposed friend.
Good luck.

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