My boyfriend did something that shook me up and now I'm having a hard time trusting him again. He has been trying hard but I just doubt everything now. Should I just end it?


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If he's betrayed your trust then you have to decide if you want to stay with him.  Trust is something that you need for a happy relationship. You don't trust somebody just a little bit you either trust them or you don't.

Doubting everything is not a happy situation to be in, a relationship should make you feel happy but this one sounds as though it's causing your more grief than happiness. Do you want to continue like this?  Be honest with yourself even though the answer may hurt.

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Well .. That is entirely up to your judgement.  If you feel you can give him a 2nd chance .. Then THAT Is what you should do.  One mistake is not pattern of behaviour.  Some people are far more forgiving than others .. So you have to take an inventory of your relationship and decide if it's worth salvaging, or if it's not.

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No. Give him a 2 change and if you really don't love him anymore break up with him.

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