How Do You Let Go Of Someone You've Loved For A Long Time?


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I've been through that like a few weeks ago. My ex bf got married a month after we broke up.. And he casually admitted getting hitched when i had recently texted him to tell that i missed him. That was quite of a blow.. I do understand how you might be feeling like..
Firstly you need let loose bottled up feelings, things that you don't want to admit to yourself.. Cry if makes you feel better.. And when you had enough of it, get out, dress gorgeous, turn a few heads ;) if you dress good, take care of yourself, you'll actually feel good too!! Get busy, meet people, smile, party... And you'll feel that you'd be letting go of those feelings gradually as you make new friends... When you feel ready for it, if you're still in contact with him, let him know you no longer want him to mail or call you or even be friends.. And delete everything you've got of him.. You'll find it easier to move on.. Life's full of opportunities..

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That you asked that question means you are not yet ready to let it go. Some people burn the letters, erase the emails, delete the phone number.  Does that thought make you cringe?  When are already emotionally ready, you will be able to send away those things that remind you of him and the past, knowing you will not be able to get them back.   
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You just make a life for yourself away from them.  You may think of them from time to time but the feeling that you once had dies out.  When you meet other people and get involved in other things that take you away time will take care of everything.
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I am so sorry about the time heals all wounds frase, but really it is your only remedy. It will get better just listen to music really loud during the quiet times. When you stop living in a reality world and keep holding on though you are doing yourself no favors. In time you will see this spot you were at and think "I am so glad all that time has passed I feel so much better now." If you don't go through it though you will never have loved and lost and really remember the good feelings and carry that to the next relationship. Change learn grow!!!!!   
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You have to take tiny small steps , and allow yourself to feel what you feel and things hopefully will simmer down for you , I can feel your pain as I write this .

Give yourself permission to cry , laugh , feel sad , and keep friends around you Sugar-lipz  

I'm here for you any time

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