When/how do you know when to let go someone you love?


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Sometimes, things just don't work out between two people, and bith parties need to come together to make a choice - to work it out or to walk away.

Neil and I separated almost a month ago, but we've been talking and discussing things, and it's been agreed that we just didn't compliment one another as we're both very different people. We are still friends, good friends, and he always speaks very highly of me even though the breakup was painful for us both. I still speak highly of him, and he will always have a place in my heart, but sometimes in life, circumstances change, and sometimes in order to let go, you need to find closure.

Closure has helped me to come to terms with my breakup, and now I feel that I'm ready to let go, and live my life as I want to.
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Lamora Le Strange
I'm happy to be your friend Arun, but I would like to ask you just to not flirt with me. I'm still very tender from the breakup with Neil and I really don't want the attention right now. I just need a little time and space to myself, but please respect my wishes I beg of you.
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Hmm i don't know why and how my comment dissapper from here... I don't know why you keep asking me u need time.. 1st not well need time.. 2nd not in good mood need time 3rd again not a good mood need time... Last 10-11 months only need time.... Ok u need time than fine u have next 53years to say me what u feel and how your mood.. Than i will ask u for anything date remeber 1 march 2065 i will ask u and u need to give me your answer ok...that time i will be 75years!!!!!
Lamora Le Strange
This is exactly what i don't need! Do you not understand that i do not want to date anyone else arun?????

Just leave me alone!!
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When he cheats, or when he treats you like crap...Theres a lot of ways to let him go. But its usually your gut. If your gut feeling is telling you to break up, and let go, then its time. I know, its hard to let go someone. But you can't help but keep things normal. But, yeah, thats usually when you have to. Hope this helps, and follow what your feelings are telling you :)
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Well first ask yourself Do you feel like your ready to let them go or do you still love them. If you feel you want to let them go first say to them we need to talk then they will probably know what's coming and it wont hurt them to much. Then tell them things arnt working out to well and it would be better if we were just friends. I'm just asuming this is your boyfriend or something but that's what I would do
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Happiness in a relationship is to love and to be loved. To be respectful and sensitive to each others needs. Take stock of the situation on a long term basis. Will you both be happy together? Is he into drugs? Does he abuse you physically or verbally? In case of adultery, you are permitted to divorce him immediately. But take all things into consideration. If you have doubts, if you are convinced the best thing is let go, then no need to hang around. Start a new chapter of your life.
Letting go of someone you love may not be easy. Depending on the relationship you may or may not forget him as long as you live. But we need to accept the paradox of life--- there is a time to hold on and a time to let go.

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