What Do You Do When You Know That Your Brother Is Starting His Drugs Again And He Is Going To Hurt Someone?


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Depends on what you mean by starting his drugs.if this is a prescription then the doctor who prescribed it should know in order to monitor how the drugs effect your brother.if he is doing drugs illegally as others have said turn him in so he can get into a drug rehab program and receive the help he needs.
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"Drop a dime," as we used to say when the pay phones only cost ten cents. Call the police. Turn him in. It's tough, but it may save his life, or someone else's.
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Get your brother some help they do have drug rehab places that will help people get the drugs out of there system if will be up to them to stay in rehab but if he is hurting people or even killing them call the police so he wont hurt people even more that would be the best thing for him
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Well, stay cautious, or stay away. And call the police and advise them.
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The best you can do is to alert your parents or other trusted adult. One of the toughest lessons is life (best leaned earlier) is that as much as you want to help your brother, unless he's doing something illegal, is that they have to hit bottom themselves. Only once they hit bottom, they realize what they've done. Until then, you are just a nagging sister who doesn't know what she's talking about.

I'd strongly recommend that you contact Al-non www.al-anon.alateen.org they can help you through the mess you're feeling right now.

Best of luck, Mum
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Very good advice.
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Thank you, Yarnlady...good to see you.
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I agree with this. If you've already spoken to him directly, you need to tell your parents or other trusted adult.
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Well it's tough i know but you need to tell someone you trust like a mom or dad,  Or if he's in school tell a counselor. But the most important thing is you need to tell someone because if he hurts someone and you know why you will get in trouble and feel guilty. Because you love him and want the best for him, and make sure he's okay, so basically tell someone you trust.
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I wish I knew more details of your story.  One thing is obvious, you are hurting for your brother and yet you love him.  It sounds as if you have already spoken to your brother about his drug use.  I hope your Mom and Dad are aware that he is using once again, if not, they need to know so that they can step in and do what needs to be done in order to get your brother into treatment.  If he is a minor (I assume he is) then your parents can have him committed against his wishes, if necessary.  If they have given up on him or will not deal with him any longer, as often happens, then you need to speak to a school counselor and ask for their help in speaking to your brother.  As a last resort, the police can be contacted about his drug use.  I am also concerned about your statement that your brother is going to hurt someone.  You did not say might hurt someone, you said is going to hurt someone.  If you are aware that your brother is going to do bodily harm to another person, you could become involved with the police yourself if you know about an attack and do not report it.  It makes you an accomplice.  You are in a most difficult position and I am so sorry you are having to deal with this.  Mumsthw0rd, gave you some places to contact to get some support for yourself.  Check them out!!  Good luck!
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Hi Brenda, AJD here, I know what you are going through, as the drug thing is no stranger to my family and friends,  I would think that you are talking about street drugs, correct?   My daughter was on Heroin not long ago and it is tough yo say the least, hang in there,  I hope you are in good terms with your brother, it will help, one thing to remember is it is the drugs and not your brother, love him and tell him that, try to talk to him if possible, go with him to talk to someone that can help, with my daughter it was her boyfriend, that got her on the drugs, and now he is doing 3 years in jail because of the drugs, he has almost died 3 times from O.D. He was found in time although and lived through it just to start again and go to jail, they should have gave him more time because in 3 years he will get out only to have to deal WITH ME!!! So talk to your brother, if he hurts someone I know he will get hurt 10 folds, get him in treatment any way you can, he will be mad at first but thank you latter for saving his life,    If he has a girlfriend talk with her about it, maybe the two of you can get through to him,     I'm not sure what you mean by your brother hurting someone?   As in with a car or being out of control himself and belligerent? Or possibly something else?   Hang in there, and try to help him A.S.A.P.  My thoughts are with you, good luck  AJD
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Andy aka Doc aka Andg aka Big A aka Ass-Hole aka etc.etc.etc.... Dac_____
Hi Brenda, AJD again, just wanted to tell you one more thing, do NOT deal with this alone, it is to hard to try and do everything yourself, you need to have someone to share this with, a close someone, I hope you have someone, you will go crazy if you don't, best wishes, please have your brother read the answers if possible, best wishes on the outcome, I pray it is good, AJD
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Call The Cops And DON'T Tell Him... He Will Skip Town. Tell Them You Are Worried Sick Over Your Brother  And You're Afraid He Will Harm Himself Or Others..  My Brother Was An Alcoholic  For 17 Years And He Died Of Acute Liver Failure Before He Was 55. No One Thought It Was Their "Responsibility" To Call AA And So He Drank Himself To Death
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First of all, tell your folks.  Then if they
don't do anything, call the police yourself.
One of my  brothers was into anything
and everything since he left home
(and the state).   He's younger than
I am, but the drugs (and booze) has been
so hard on his body that he looks older
than I am, now.
I wonder if he wishes now that he'd not
taken that road, looking at what it's done to him.
And his wife and kids.
Drugs are called 'dope' for a reason.
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Have him stay off the drugs that are not good for him. They will only make him die really soon and everyone will miss him. 

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